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Dating scan

Just wondering how many peoples dating scan changed their expected due date? Does it vary much. Ive got mine 2 weeks today and just wondering if my date will change much. At the moment im due on babys aunties birthday which is quite nice as i was born on my aunties birthday. I know most first time mums go over their date but will be nice to tell auntie to be baby due on her birthday x

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My calculated dates have always been a within a day of dating scan. But if say, you have irregular periods, it can be quite difficult to get it accurate without the dating scan. Good luck on being right. My daughter was born on a friend's brother's birthday, and he's been chuffed ever since, and they are pretty much best buddies now :)


My edd was 1 week different than my dating scan. My last 3 children were born on my husbands sister, her daughter and son's birthday which we found funny and amazing. This baby is not due on any 1's. Birthday although my husbands mum, brother and nephew has a birthday in november so let's wait and see :)

Good luck for your dating scan. What I think if your dating scan is different than your edd its better as your baby might be here sooner although you could go over but hey what does it matter your going to have a gorgeous baby soon :) xx


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