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Hey im 10 weeks and 5 days and completely knackered. luckly ive been on days off since sun but go back to work fri night for 3 12 and half hour nightshifts. Im really struggling with day to day activities and the moment and just wanna sleep all day everyday! Ms had disappeared for a couple of days but has came back again and its draining me even more.

Im suppose to be meeting friends for lunch today but tbh i just cant be bothered moving off the couch. Im starting to feel tearful as i has no energy and hate feeling like this.

I also had a couple of episodes of spotting yesterday so trying not to worry about that too!

Aww please tell me this gets better! dont think i can last like this til April!

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I'm only a couple of days into week 11, and looks like the back ache is easing. Plus I'm not half as tired as I was a week ago, but if you are spotting, please speak to Gp of midwife, as they will probably suggest that you rest, if needed and your Job is physical, the Gp might even sign you off for a while. Sounds like you need to slow down a bit. Hope you feel much better soon.


Im a nurse in a very busy medical ward which means im on my feet all night! the spotting has stopped for the time being as i have been resting and sleeping pretty much last few days! Do you think i should still phone midwife or Gp about spotting? Im due to meet my midwife on mon for the first time. Really not got a clue hows theses things work x


Im a nurse in a very busy medical ward which is a very physical job and means im on my feet for most of the 12 and half hours. The last few days i have rested and slept most of the day away, (has felt much needed). The spotting has stopped for the time being. Do you think i should still call my GP or midwife? Im due my first appointment on monday with my midwife. I know my wards short staffed this weekend already and dont wanna leave my colleges even shorter but i know i need to look after myself and my bump... x


I sympathise with u all! I'm currently 38wks +5 with pre clampsia & being v well looked after in hospital so I know how hard you nurses work, how busy you are & short staffed for demand! Baby does need to come 1st & work (ideally) should help limit work load ect! I wish you all the best! Now is the time to be selfish & put yourselves first! Hopefully also the tired stage will pass!


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