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Need help and answers

I've missed 3 periods now and I've done 3 tests that have come back positive, but when I went to see my doctor he did a test and it was negative so he sent me to have bloods took on three different days and they all came back negative, now I'm having all the symptoms of being pregnant I've got a belly and really bad black hair on my belly, been feeling sick and very tired.My sister is pregnant and she had an appointment with her midwife so I went along and asked if they could help. There was two midwives there that felt my belly and they said that I'm pregnant and for me to see a doctor to send me for a scan but when I seen the doctor he said I had to have bloods took again, but they came back negative and he said he couldn't send me for a scan until I had a positive test. Now I'm getting a bit fed up that I don't no if I am or I'm not, people keep saying I'm pregnant but I don't no if I am with everything.

I've been of the pill for 8 months so I don't no if its because of that. Can anyone help me

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So sorry you're being bounced around like this. Usually if you tell a doctor or midwife that you've had a positive test they just take your word for it and get the ball rolling. If you're as far along as it sounds like you are, it's my understanding that at this point in the pregnancy your HCG levels would be dropping off--not normally enough to make a pregnancy test come back negative, but then you hear about these women who never get a postive result and then just give birth one day. If you've already missed three periods, you don't want to delay your dating scan any longer. If you belong to a GP practice with more than one doctor, I'd book an appointment with one you haven't seen yet. If that's not an option or doesn't work, I personally would see about booking a private scan, if you can afford it. I did a quick google and the first company I found offer a dating scan for 99 pounds. If you go back to your doctor with a picture of a fetus he has to believe you, right? Or perhaps someone else on this forum with a better understanding of the inner workings of the NHS than I have can suggest a different way of getting seen by someone who will take you seriously...


You can request an appointment with a midwife without a referrel from your doctor. A positive test on a home pregnacy test will be enough for them.

Try finding your local midwife number using

Hope this helps


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