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hi all. i have had the implanon for about three months now. but feel pregnant!!

i have two girls, so i know what pregnancy feels like, i had a v v v light period for about two weeks when i first had it fitted, but nothing since. i have all the usual pregnancy symptoms; sore boobies, feeling bloated, feeling v sick etc. i have done two tests. both negative. would the implanon affect the results? xxx

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When I had the implanon every few months I had thought I was pregnant. Like you I have children and the symptoms felt like I was pregnant. My periods Were mental. I would bleed for ages then nothing for months. My doctor told me that when I was supposed to be due on I might experience quite a lot of symptoms until my body adjusted to the implant.

I your still worried speak to your doctor.

Good luck x


My friend had it and she felt exactly the same, she had it taken out in the end cos she couldnt stand the sickness anymore. Think this is fairly common.


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