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Does a 'show' have to be pink?

My due date is tomorrow so of course I am looking for all the signs of me going into labour. Have noticed that there is a creamy jelly like goo in my pants and wondered if this could be 'the show'. NHS Choices says it should be pink as it should have some blood in it but could it be cream coloured instead. There wasn't very much of it but I'm about to go in the bath and don't know if I'll just wash the rest away without noticing it. I have had quite strong braxton hicks over the past few days so could be on my way. Or maybe it's all just wishful thinking lol.

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Just enjoy your bath and don't stress too much about it. Not everyone notices the plug coming away. So keep an eye out, and keep monitoring your Braxton Hicks, and if anything significant happens while you're in the bath - you'll definitely know.

Good luck over the next few days!!

R x


Hiya. Mine did have dark blood in it but a lot of it was clear jelly as well. I had the first bit at 39 weeks but I didn't have him until 41+6! My sister had the show and had labour pain the same day. They will only come when they want to! Pests! Just keep looking for other signs as well. Good luck x


Hello Kitameron07,

You must be feeling very excited, and nervous, knowing that your baby is due any day now. It is absolutely normal to experience discharge throughout pregnancy, and indeed a vaginal discharge can be an early sign of labour. Read our article 'Early signs of labour' for futher information.

Good luck!




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