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Am I Pregnant? or just advice!

My periods are strange they range from 28days to 42! but never any later from the 42nd but im now 3 days over the 42nd! My last period was 8th of Aug!

Anyway, i have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend! i did a test before and after the 42nd day and they came back negative! i have high testostrome could that affect the HCG or was it abit early to take the test?

The last week, i have been having a few i would say symptons, one i have been told i have put on weight an that they think im pregnant :L anyway in myself i have been feeling sick but never been sick! headaches! wind! my sense of smell has been soo high! i can smel men around me aftershave as if i am smelling the bottle!

i sleep well but i feel i have been sleeping deeper! and also i have been waking up with a full bladder which i dont normally but i have found myself drinking more and also eating more somedays i eat and it feels liek i have ate nothing!!

I have had no pain in my boobs or changes! but does that happen this early for everyone?

please help and give advice!

Thankyouuu xx

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My last period was the same date and I had a positive test as soon as my period was due. I have all the symptoms now and feel pretty grim! We're all different however.. Have you done another test yet? That's the only sure way of knowing or you could ring your dr to get advise. Good luck :) .


Ah right noo I haven't done a test since! Doing one on weds! and I suffered with high male hormone and I been told that can affect pregnancy tests as a girl I knew had to take 7 before the 8th came back positive


Hiya... I would say wait and do another in a simmilar situation..

Getting all the symptoms but all negative test...i hate going to the docs :-s

Good luck xxxx


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