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Are period like pains normal in early pregnancy?

Hi everyone. I've spent today feeling like ive got period pains. Funny dull ache in my tummy and now getting a bit worried as I'm only 6 weeks pregnant. Has anyone else experienced that kind of full period like pain in early pregnancy?



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As long as its along both sides of your uterus, period likes pains are normal at the beginning as its your uterus is stretching to make room for your growing baby. If you are getting a lot of pain just on one side call your midwife and tell her. Hope this helps :)


hi, congratulations on your pregnancy :-), i'm 25 weeks now, and had period pains up until about 16 weeks, and was worried sick when i first felt them, but was assured it is quite common, as your insides are stretching and thickening to accomondate baby. x


Hey Smile123

I got them around 6 weeks - just after I found out I was pregnant. I was panicking and asked a pregnant girl at my work and she reassured me its normal! Mine only lasted about a week - and (not to over-share) but were always worse when I had wind!

I hope you feel better soon x


Thank you ladies. I always feel south better when I hear from you all that it's not just me that's experienced this. First time pregnant you see and so nothing to compare it to. It's funny as I posted this question last night having felt those cramps for a few days but they've cleared up tonight which I'm glad about. Wish my sore boobs would clear up as quickly!! Sorry to be graphic!

Hope you're all getting in fine with your pregnancies

:-) xx


*feel better, not south!!!!!


I am so glad I am not the only one! I am expecting our first baby and very nervous about the period like pains I have been getting. So to hear its normal for a few women is great. Thank you :)


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