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Thank you to NCT so long ago!

Hi everyone, I've just come across this website and won't be writing on it again but discovering it made me want to say a bit thank you to NCT which was such a lifesaver to me over 30 years ago when I had my two babies, now very grown up children living at the other side of the world! The childbirth classes empowered me and enabled me to ask for the kind of deliveries that I wanted, not always possible as the first was a forceps rotation birth but sometimes it works out as the second was on all fours without any medication or assistance. The most useful thing though were the coffee mornings where I met so many other mums and their babies. I made lifelong friends, we spent many happy holidays with one family as a result and I'm still in touch with several of the other mums. It really made the first few years so much easier to have a built in social network, especially as we had no extended family locally. So THANK YOU to NCT in the 1980s and good luck to all you new mums or mums to be (and dads too)! Suexx

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Thank you Sue for such a lovely message. It is always inspiring to hear how mums and dads make life-long friends through NCT courses, branches and events. It is so important that parents have support and readily available information as they begin their life-changing journey, and it's even better when they can bring these special friendships along on the journey as well!

Best wishes,

Alice x


Thanks for the reply! Yes, NCT doesn't solve life problems or make everything alright, but having a baby is hard enough without doing it alone. I did feel during my time with NCT that we were all going through similar experienced together. The mother and baby/children coffee mornings were vital - they were a lifesaver. I'm glad the organisation continues to be there for mums and their babies. Suex


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