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At 38wks Why am I so ill now!

Is anyone else out there going through the same?! Please reassure me! I'm now officially on maternity leave at 38wks on sun & I've been so ill since! Currently have a throat infection (which doc said try & stick it out without AB's) now have hacking cough, head feels so sore! I haven't slept in 4 nights now as also have a rash on my hands & feet which is in its prime at night & bad acid reflux! So between taking paracetamol/rennie/ piriton all through the night! My partner is beside himself too! He's worried if baby arrives soon I'm not going to be well enough or have the strength for a normal labour! And we will be like zombies the 1st few wks when baby is here! Also don't want to pass anything onto baby!! Oh, why now?! Apart from sickness I've been ok throughout my pregnancy always taking vitamins & healthy diet! And still feel like there's so much to do in the house to get ready of which I have no strength for! ........ Thank u for listening ladies! Good to get these things off my chest just wish the phelgm would go now too! Want to be strong & fit for labour!

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