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7weeks pregnant, i fell yesterday and then had pains 10 mins after... then later that night i started bleeding :(

im 7weeks pregnant and very concerned... i was pregnant with twins but lost one at about 3-4weeks... still got my other lil bean but ive been having weird pains since i fell yesterday... there not like miscarriage pains but like stomach ache somethings and other times can be sharp stabbing pains.. they come and go... and since i fell ive been feeling a little sick aswell... i made the nurse book me a scan but the best they can do it NEXT THURSDAY! very annoyed with that ! anyone fallen .. bled and had pains before but still had a normal pregnancy? xxxxx

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My mum fell and had pains...still she gave birth to my lil sis fine....

Hope all is sure you will be fine x


When I was pregnant with my daughter, a car reversed into me and knocked me to the ground. I started bleeding the next day and felt realy sick. I had to wait for a scan as I had my 20 week one coming up. everything turned out okay in the end. i had pains awell but they just said it was normal. I remember thinking how can it be normal I got knocked over thats not normal. you could be feeling sick because you are worried about the baby.,when I was pregnant with my first son I fell flat on my face, then I bled all the way through the pregnancy . and he turned out ok. I know its hard, as you have already lost one baby, but try to relax, have some you time,try and do something to take your mind off it then you might not feel as sick. hope everything goes well.


I fell down the stairs and went straight to a and e. I did break my thumb too tho. They scanned me as had a small bleed straight away. Everything was fine, thank goodness. Really hope your ok. :)


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