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Should I try or wait a while?!

Want to start trying for a baby over Christmas. Fiance has booked quite an active sounding honeymoon in Finland, involving snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, husky safari and reindeer sleighing. Can't find any specifics online re. safety when pregnant - all conflicting advice or irrelevant! Really don't know what to do... Downhill skiing seems to be riskier but I have no intention of doing that - really don't want to break a leg or two. Would go to GP for advice but always get fobbed off with practice nurse who happens to be my friend's mum... Any advice please??!! Thanks x

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Maybe you should wait until after the honeymoon?!

It seems like a lot of physical sport. Although its good to keep active I personally think that these honeymoon sports can have a lot of falls and bumps. There is nothing wrong with being physically fit and enjoying sports in pregnancy. But you can never be to careful.

Some people feel physically sick, sore breasts and a change in your mood good and bad that it might effect your holiday.

Plus you never know you could come home pregnant or it could take a while to concieve.

Wish you luck and a happy honeymoon.


I agree with mum2, I'm currently 5 weeks and feel totally exhausted and doing an active holiday would be the last thing I fancied doing. Normally I do Zumba, but have stopped that until I'm a bit further along. I'm sticking to walking exercise only for now. It's upto you obviously but do be careful! You should enjoy the honey moon as much as poss, you prob won't get another holiday like it! Good luck.. :)


Also agree with the others, if you were pregnant, you wouldn't want to risk harming the baby, even if you were told it was safe to do when pregnant..enjoy the wedding and honeymoon and enjoy the baby making on the holiday.


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