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Hey everyone,Ive been having trouble getting my first antenatal scan.Im 12 weeks pregnant.Any advice?

I went to the doctors when i was 5 weeks pregnant.

He said he would refer me to st Georges hospital in Tooting for my 1st scan, and that i would get a letter in the post.

5 weeks later i still hadnt recieved a letter, so i called up the hospital and they said they hadnt recieved any referal with my details.

I went back to the doctors, to ask if they had actually sent my referal letter, in which the grumpy receptionist snarled at me for asking her to check, and quite rudely informed me they sent it ages ago it was no longer their problem.

I asked if she could get the doctor to send it again, just to make sure as the hospital hadnt recieved it to which she took my details to pass on to the doctor.

She said she would call me back after speaking to the doctor, which she never did.

Im now 12 weeks pregnant, and still havent recieved any notification of any appointment for my baby scan.

Im getting a bit worried, as i had informed my doctor that etopic pregnancy, downs syndrome and muscular dysrophy were all problems with woman in my family.

I was hoping for a scan to put my mind at ease that everything would be ok with my baby.

What can i do to get my appointment???

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I personally would of made another appointment with my doctor. Plus I would make an official complaint about the receptionist as that was on called for. You don't have to tell the receptionist why you want to make an appointment in case you get the same frosty answer you have recently had. Ring your doctor surgery on monday and make an appointment with your gp as soon as possible to be refered or you can try a self referrel at your local hospital. And explain why you need to see a midwife and have your dating scan done.

I know it is a worry and can totaly understand your frustration. You should also have had a midwife appointment around the same time as your scan.

I wish you the best of luck


Don't speak to her again, simply make a doctors appointment is essential to have the combined screening before 13wk 6 days, so you have very little time...a for the receptionist, go to the practice manager and make a formal complaint. Her behaviour is totally unacceptable and unprofessional


Yea, this is urgent now. A posted letter isn't gonna get there on time. You need to get to speak to your doctor.

Have you not got a number to speak to him directly? Or maybe call NHS direct 0845 4647 24hrs. Or go to his drop in session if he has one. Or go to the hospital where you are to have your scan, and ask them what you can do.

You've probably done all this by now. I hope you get it sorted out.

In future, I'd find out what days/shifts this receptionist works and aim to call when a different receptionist is on. Receptionists are b**ches. Mine likes to tell me the wrong appointment day and then when I get there tell me the doctor's not there and that I was meant to come yesterday, and then blame it on the computer.


thanks for all of your advice. it time to get serious and sort this. :-)


How rude and awful for you!! That's a terrible way to be treated. I would definitely ask to speak to someone else or directly to a doctor and make sure they book you in!! I have a designated midwife at my doctors!! Can you find out if they have similar?

Don't take no for an answer as you should be in for a scan at 14 weeks!!

Hope you get sorted xx


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