Has anyone else been pregnant and not had any of the classic symtoms

I'm 42 and 6 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I'm still not really sure how it happened! My hubby and I are still in shock as we have mostly come to terms with being childless (18 years). I'm a little concerned as I don't have any symptoms of pregnancy, except a missed period and a positive pregnancy test. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I have taken to sniffing things in the fridge to see if I feel quesy, but it just makes me hungry.

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  • Exciting news!

    My symptoms were never very strong in the first few weeks (or at least, the one time I really suffered early on, I miscarried early too). Tiredness and hunger were the first signs for me. Nothing anyone can suggest to you, except to wait and see. All the posts say that the tests are very accurate and you could be one of the lucky ones to find pregnancy a breeze!

  • Thanks Kipper, I burst into tears whn I read your answer, so maybe I have a few more symptoms than I think I do lol

  • I'm 13 weeks pregnant with my first child. Apart from the test confirming my pregnancy I had no other symptoms apart from tiredness which I put down to working long hours. I've just had my scan yesterday and to my surprise there was a little baby doing back flips inside of me! I now feel like I'm carrying. I would say enjoy the prenancy and be very lucky. Good luck and best of wishes. We are the lucky few!

  • My first pregnancy i had no symptons at all apart from a missed period and a postive result like you. Jst rejoice for the lord has done it for you there is nothing impossible with God stay postive and keep thanking God for his blessing. I wish the best all thru.

  • I was so poorly with my 2 boys, now this pregnancy I dont seem to have anything much. Im a little tired, a little queasy, but nothing compared to how I was before. In fact its scaring me a bit, I dont want to get excited incase anything goes wrong. :)

  • Each woman is different, and it doen't mean anything, but it's still interesting to compare isnt it? The first thing that happend to me was my breasts filled up straight away. Then after a few weeks I started getting constipated and having loads of horrible trapped wind which, thank God has stopped now. My tummy didn't start to show any signs at all until about 16 weeks, and even now at 22 everyone remarks at how small I am, or doesn't even notice I'm pregnant, but according to my scans and weight gain, my baby is the normal size, so I can't really imagine where she's hiding!

  • I was exactly the same as you up to last week, (8 weeks) and I only feel a little ill now and again. It really worried me as in my previous pregnancy I was very very ill for the entire 9 months. I was even more worried when i had a bleed for 4 days, but a i got an emergency scan and all is good. My litle one is almost out of the danger zone and is exactly the right size. I do have some tiredness but have a fantastic appetite and all i can think about is pate, beer, wine, rare steak. All the things i shouldnt be thinking about, but i can have a dream. I can sympathise with you about wanting to eat everything. You may just be a lucky one who doesn't get much symptoms. Just enjoy it and dont let it consume you, if you are very worried ask your doctor to refer you for a scan, advise them you are extremely concerned and that you need reassurance.

    Also I and I'm sure everyone else who reads your post sends congratulations to you. Well done and don't worry.!! Xxx

  • congrats!!! I was 5 months before i knew ;)

  • I am also 6 weeks and the main things I've felt are tiredness (big time!) and sore breasts. Almost feel like u should be feeling more but my

    Mum said to enjoy the fact I've not had bad nausea etc. we had better not speak too soon as it may come with a vengeance in a few weeks!

  • I was 22 weeks pregnant when I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was very shocked as I had been told I could not have children. at that time I was a size 12 no bump and no symptoms, everyone is different you may have a fab pregnacy, goodluck and congratuations

  • I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with my third child and other than missed period and fafigue, i have no other symptoms. My first i was quite bad with sickness and heartburn, second wasnt too bad with sickness but more with heartburn and this one hearburn gone and just really tired but been told every pregnancy can be different. Good luck with everything.

  • Thank you for all the lovely responces to my question. Congratulations on your pregnancies and I wish you all the best to you and your babies. XxX

  • I have the same thing. I'm 36 and it's my first pregnancy, so I have no idea what to expect. I haven't been or felt sick, my body hasn't changed much and I've had no weird cravings. I did 3 positive pregnancy tests early on, but other than that the only differences are that I've totally gone off tea and my sense of smell is heightened. I have my first antenatal appointment in 10 days, so hopefully I'll get my scan then. I feel in limbo and daren't get too excited in case it's a false alarm or something is wrong. But reading all these replies reassures me that every pregnancy is different. All the best with everything.

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