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I'm back after scan!!

sorry it took so long to report back but it's been such a hectic week!

well scan was all fine, little wriggler wouldn't stay still long enough or get in the right position to have his photo taken, cheeky monkey!!! was so wonderful and emotional to see our baby there on the screen. he's very active and it's so weird to think that's all going on inside me and I can't feel it!! I can't wait until I can and until my husband will be able to as well :o)

we've told all family and friends and work now too. we have been absolutely overwhelmed by the love and congratulations we've received. even Grandad (husband's dad) who we thought wouldn't really be that into it (doesn't like kids so he tells us) was emotional. he sent us a text on monday night asking us to give his grandchild a kiss goodnight!!!!! I cried (predictably!!) LOL

so my due date has changed a bit, I'm now due on 15th March 2013. work were wonderful about it and so happy for me, I was really quite nervous to tell my boss as I've not been in this role very long but he was so supportive and has already said he wants me back after maternity leave in any way shape or form!!! that's a boost to the ego!!

bump seems to have exploded since monday too. I can't do up my trousers or jeans anymore and bought my first maternity item yesterday - a dress for my friends wedding in 2 weeks.

hope you are all doing ok xxx

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Congratulations!! Such a relief and so overwhelming to see them moving on that screen. My tummy currently has a wriggler - he's super camera shy, and manages to find the position furthest from the camera!!

Lovely that everyone, including your boss, has been so supportive.

R x


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