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No baby?

Just been for an early scan that showed im 4-5 weeks because of the size of the sac. The rwport said there was a clearly visable sac, but no yolk sac or feotal pole. Is this normal? And what does it mean? I could really use some advice as ive miscarried twice before. I have to go back on saturday for another blood test to see if my hormone levels have increased.

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Absolutely normal. There's absolutely nothing to show up on a scan at that point. The fact that you've a visible sac is promising, combine that with the blood test results, and you'll know whether everything is currently on track.

Nothing will show on scans until six weeks at the earliest, and even then you would only see a tiny spot on the screen.

Hope this helps

R x


Thank you! I got the appointment to get some reassurance, but the doctor started rambling on about ectopics and other negatives! Was not impressed haha! my gut feeling is still very positive though so just had to laugh the whole experience off with my best friend. Now I need to try and calm my partner down!


Good luck with that!!

I do think early scans are more unsettling than helpful, if not explained appropriately and in everyday language :)

All the best for your next round of blood tests.



dont worry just yet... i had my scan on monday and thr was no yolk sac.. had a scan wednesday and the yolk sac was thr but still no baby they think i may be 4-5weeks but i wont knw till my scan in 2weeks xxxxx


Thank you! Thats really reassuring :) they werent vey reasuring at the hospital! X


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