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Anyone had vaginal birth after third degree tear?

Four years ago had my 1st child. It was a 10lb baby, difficult and prolonged birth and I suffered a 3rd degree tear. While the tear healed I had a lot of granulation tissue which I had surgically removed 5 months later. It had really put me off having any more kids but I've made the decision and now I'm expecting my second child. I am contemplating having an elective C-section, not what I really want to have but I just don't want a repeat of 4 years ago. Has anyone had a vaginal birth after 3rd degree tear? Did you tear again?

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I personally have not had a 3rd degree tear, I spoke to my friend who has and had a baby a couple of years later. She was terrified of it happening again. Fortunately it didn't happen as she told me that she pushed only when asked too and panted while waiting for the next contraction to push. She said it was hard going but is delighted to have her girl here rather than of been to terrified to have another child.

Good luck for the birth x


That's a little reassuring. I would just like to have a positive experience this time as opposed the nightmare I had 4 yrs ago. Wanted to hear others' experiences so I could make my own mind up as to what I'd like to do this time if all goes well.


Hello i also had a third degree tear - the stich up after was worse than the delivery but with my second i only had a little scratch - this was only due the experinced midwife i had at my delivery she helped me control my birth which made all the difference - so having a experinced midwife really helps.


I had a third degree tear and a very traumatic first birth. Second time round I had a home birth, was amazing and not even a scratch! I was back to my old self much quicker too, and had no drugs at all. I never thought I'd get over that first birth but I did! Has the consultant given you any advise? Good luck.. X


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