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6 weeks and bleeding

I've just noticed that I'm bleeding a little, it's bright red in colour. All day yesterday I

Was getting period like pains on and off. Today I've had what I thought was really painful trapped wind and bloating and diarrhea. My abdomen feels a bit strange, almost like a full feeling. Ive phone the midwife and she just told me to rest which is hard when I've got to work! I'm just a bit worried and anxious.

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I know what I say won't relax you much potentially but I'll do my best to offer some support. I had bleeding last tuesday morning (6 weeks pregnant like you are today), it was very light (pink and barely there but noticeable). My GP said it was more than likely an implantation bleed, common at the 6-8 week point. This may be the case for you. Please trust your instincts. If the bleeding becomes heavier and you have concerning pains (I have a period like pain visit me frequently, it's the uterus stretching in preparation) contact NHS Direct or out of hours doctors and seek their advice. I was so upset to see any bleeding but it is common and many women go on to have successful pregnancies, birth and baby. Good luck and if you can rest at all then do. Know that your worry and anxiety is normal. I felt the same and I'm concerned everyday to be honest. Let me know how you progress Kalie! Sending my love and support! xxx


Thank you. The bleeding did stop but I had a really down day yesterday and was absolutely convinced I wasn't pregnant any more as all my symptoms disappeared. I phoned my doctors and the nurse said there wasn't much I could do. I'm really not enjoying this pregnancy!


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