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Don't no weather I'm pregnant or not can anyone help me

I've took 3 pregnancy test that have come back positive, but I went to doctors and had a test there and it was negative so I told the doctor about my tests that came back positive so he told me to have a blood test and I would find out then but I've phoned today and it's negative but I've missed my period and I've had symptoms of being pregnant and I've started get a belly and black hairs on my belly too I don't no what to think cant anyone help

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Very sorry to hear about the mixed results. It can be heartbreaking to have a positive result followed by a negative result.

One possibility is a 'chemical pregnancy'. This is a pregnancy where the sperm and egg meet but do not embed properly, usually resulting in a period which is later than usual. Unfortunately, it does seem to kick off the hormone process, which results in 'feeling' pregnant and may cause some physical symptoms of pregnancy.

Companies which make pregnancy tests like people to test as early as possible since that's clearly more profitable for them. But chemical pregnancies will test positive on a home test around the time your period is due, but negative on blood tests (or show that hormone levels are too low for a successful pregnancy). So the very fact that home tests are improved and can be used earlier can actually cause unnecessary grief for people who test early. These days, I always wait until I'm at least a week overdue before testing with a home test (longest week of my life!!).

There are other possibilities such as hormone fluctuations (if you have recently come off the pill, for example), and on very rare occasions there are problems with the blood tests. So keep an eye on things, and if your symptoms continue and you still don't get your period, I'd recommend heading back to your GP.

In the meantime, we're here for you.

All the best

R x

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I tested two weeks after I was due and it was positive and i came of the pill about 6 mouths ago


Yup. Definitely keep an eye on symptoms and head back to GP if need be. Terribly unsettling for you, but I think you're stuck with a 'wait and see' scenario. Unless anyone else has more experience in this area and can give you extra possibilities??

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Okay thanks you've really helped


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