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At work!


Although only 7 weeks pregnant, I've swollen up quite quickly ( or so it feels like).

I'm a plus size lady anyway and now finding all my work clothes uncomfortable.

Smart office dress is required, so how does anyone else look smart whilst pregnant. I find sitting in front of my desk isn't so bad but do have to stand up and walk about.

How does everyone else manage?

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Tricky! I showed very early in each pregnancy, so can relate. I was in the fortunate position of already being on leave, so avoided the need to modify my office look without causing suspicion.

I'd recommend:

Chinos / soft elasticised waists - that little bit of stretch will be your friend! (Matching with structured shirts that sit over the waist will make it seem perfectly acceptable in the office)

Dresses - there are some lovely dresses which are a little bit forgiving - wrap around is particularly kind for a longer period of time (and lots of jersey dresses are perfect for the office, but are also wash and wear - an added bonus!).

Empire cut shirts and dresses.

Stay away from structured waistlines and anything restricting around the belly/waist. It'll drive you nuts in absolutely no time!

I'd also suggest that if you're trying to figure out what styles will work, try online window shopping maternity stores. Many of the styles which work as maternity gear can also buy you time if you purchase similar styles from non-maternity stores. These styles might just get you through the next bit, and might also be more comfortable post pregnancy while you're on your way back to your normal shape.

One final option is to look at breastfeeding clothes. I know this probably sounds a bit nuts, but these are often designed with both pregnant and non-pregnant shapes in mind (since they're designed to help you transition back), and if you pick up appropriate styles now, you may be able to get wear out of them now as well as after the baby arrives (dependent on weight gain during pregnancy, and everyone's different there!).

Best of luck!

R x

daltonlady in reply to rmh2012

I think I will spend a few hours this weekend looking at whats available on the high street. Failing that its the internet for clothes. I've already increased in breast size and had new bra's. For me now comfort is the key. Elasticated waistbands sound bliss!! x

I'm the same, 7 wks today & my size 14s just laugh at me!! Hope u find something, I'll need to do the same!!!

Happy shopping to both of you!! Comfort is definitely the key. Some days you can get away with uncomfortable clothes, but mostly your tummy will just scream at you to find something comfy!! :)

Im having the same problem size 14 and my work uniform is getting a bit tight. too get bigger unoforms i have to have a letter from my line manager to say why i want them. Lucky ive just finished night shift which i usually get bloated anyway so can talk my way out of questions of putting on weight from my colleges! lucky now im on 12 days off so got more time until i need to tell my boss! x

I haven't been a size 14 for many years. I'm a plus size anyway so have always had issues with clothes. I've looked at maternity clothing and most would fit you lucky ladies who are slimmer than me! For me its about comfort now. I always look forward to coming home, shoes off, slippers on and my comfy clothes. Thank heavens it friday!


Im only 7 weeks but i have ditched my jeans for leggings and they are brilliant!

Leggings and dresses, i found some high waisted leggings in one of the local boutiques and they fit lovely. I noticed the cheaper ones tend to sit a little too low.

I must admit my jeans are now becoming uncomfortable. I have found leggings for wearing at home but work wise I think its a size larger for a top and elasticated waist for trousers. My partner has suggested dresses. I've never been a dress person but I think that may have to change.


I dont wear dresses either but i a nice smart dress with a pair of leggings underneith feels much more secure if you know what i mean. I work in retail so i have to look smart too and the last thing i need is dress malfunctions haha

I have a pair of linen trousers on today which i am finding very comfortable too, especially in this heat! Although they are a button fly so not sure how much longwe they will fit.

Hope you find the perfect outfit soon :) x

I've found plenty of maxi dresses but not found anything suitable for work. But I'm the worlds worse shopper and give up too quickly. I think I may be looking on the internet before too long!


rmh2012 in reply to daltonlady


Definitely try online shopping. Just one site with lovely work gear in plus sizes:

I've found internet shopping for maternity far more effective than any amount of high street shopping!

R x

daltonlady in reply to rmh2012

Thank you for the link to maternity wear!


rmh2012 in reply to daltonlady

No problem at all - I've become rather an expert, as I'm on my third pregnancy! There are quite a few sites which looked good, but that one seemed to have a great basic work wardrobe, which is probably the trickiest thing to find. Happy shopping! x

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