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Is it too soon to take a pregnancy test?

I've been with my partner for a year now and have been on the pill even longer than that. Neither of us really like condoms, so we chose not to use them. Earlier this month I started to feel nauseous quite a bit, and joked with my partner about maybe being pregnant, even though I knew it was unlikely. We had unprotected sex just before my period was due, while my pill was no longer in my system. My period was due on the 16th and since I've been on the pill they've always been exactly on time and lasted four days with quite a heavy flow. However, this month I was nearly a day late, it was extremely light and barely lasted more than two days. I didn't continue taking my pill after my period just to be safe, and knowing that stopping the pill after prolonged use can mess with your cycle and cause unexpected periods or bleeding, I figured it'd help me know for sure if I was one way or another. I haven't had any kind of changes since I stopped taking the pill, my cycle appears unaffected. I still feel nauseous on and off almost every day, I've been far more tired than usual, have been experiencing more headaches, and keep losing my appetite. Some days I really think I may be pregnant, but I haven't taken a test yet just in case it's too early and I get a false positive.

Has anyone got any advice for me, please?

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you wouldnt get a false positive really if you take the test following the is possible to fall pregnant on the pill and now that you are not on the pill, you are more likely to concieve....i would take a test to reassure yourself one way or the other and see if you have a period or not (which may be delayed due to the hormone changing after coming off the pill)....also i find when i am not on the pill, i do feel more nausious then when i am on it..i think because the hormone levels fluctuate a lot more than the controlled ones on the pill...good luck with testing x


I started to feel nauseous before I stopped taking the pill, I only stopped taking it as a precaution, because I thought I might be pregnant. I meant to say false negative not positive, I'm more concerned that it may be too early to tell and so the test will come out negative when I actually am pregnant


Best way to tell would be to wait 14 days after unprotected sex and then shouldn't get a false negative after that time really.


clear blue digital test will show from 1week after conception


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