Ok so I've stopped worrying!

Plucked up the courage to call the midwife today. Now all I can do is wait I'm just on week seven, and have got to keep myself occupied for another four weeks, oh I wish I could fast forward to week twelve, if I get passed week eight it will be new territory. But I've finally accepted it wasn't anyone's fault the last times, but I feel sooo much different this time, for a start I quit work and am not on my feet twenty four seven. Can't wait to tell the family after week twelve.

I nearly got caught out talking to my sister ( only two people know) when she handed me a swimsuit that might fit me. I know there is mention of bloating, Bloating I went up a dress size overnight, even before I knew. Ive had nausea, soar breasts Huge now, that's a plus teehee, and as soon as it gets hot my feet swell up, was told by the midwife to rest up, but I'm so in need of some excersise, I'm going to try a special Preggy excersise DVD later if I feel up to it later. I miss my Zumba but found that my right ankle kept on going, this was on holiday when I swore blind that I wasn't pregnant. On reflection it could have been the hormones start to change my muscle elasticity.

I'm trying to combat constipation, I've had washed raw veg and humus, veg stir fry and brown rice and lots of red bush tea, I'm to scared to push hard when I need to go in case I strain anything, I really don't know if that could affect anything.

Been having a bit of a cry for no real reason, then feel a bit daft afterwards, hubby has been very supportive, sometimes he catches me starting to blub, and gives a little concerned aww and then giggles at me at which point I see the funny side and start laughing at myself, still crying, it's so odd as I'm not a cryer really.

But every little symptom every day makes me feel so lucky, and so blessed, I don't care if I end up hurling on the hour, bloated like mad or have to hang upside down as long as baby is ok, that's fine by me :)


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10 Replies

  • Awww... You're so cute! Good luck with your pregnancy! xxx

  • Thankyou, oh god I'm off again blub.

  • a lovely story :) its hard not to worry, but you have the right attitude...all the best for the pregnancy xx

  • I'm not a cryer either, until I'm pregnant! Usually laugh through the tears the minute I'm caught. Often the first sign that I'm pregnant is catching myself crying at a tissue commercial or some such daft thing :)

    Enjoy the symptoms in all their weirdness and variety!

    All the best

    R x

  • Awww chick so pleased for you :-). You've got me crying lol and I ain't pregnant, yet lol xx

  • Awww so happy for ou. think less and hv enough rest. wish to that be like u soonest!!!

  • The first sentence of your thread is very true to how I feel. I'm 6 weeks on my 4th pregnancy, I sadly lost the last 3 all before 10 weeks. I have had stomach cramps the whole way through, luckily I am now being closely monitored by the hospital and have a scan next week to put my mind at rest that everything is ok. I am scared to arrange a midwife appointment as I feel I have to get through day by day before I start thinking about the future. Your thread was good to read and made me feel better as like you I feel good when my breast hurt or I am sick as this reassures me that things are ok. Good luck with everything :-)

  • I know it's not easy to stay calm, and I to was very reluctant to call the midwife, so glad that youre getting the medical help that you need the sooner you get your scan the sooner you'll feel better, and even more confident. Got every thing crossed for you :)

  • Thankyou for all of you're kind comments, and encouragement. It's so good to be able to express what's going on, and have other people who can understand, wishing everyone of you the best, thanks again xx

  • Speak to your gp about movitol if you havent already, im suffering with constipation atm and its helped! Xx

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