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three positive pregnancy test then monthly period but have pregnancy symptoms but the test is negative, is it possible that I'm pregnant?

June 22, 2012 - I miscarried my baby @ 11 weeks gestation, 13th of July had unprotected sex , the same day I had my period, this month I was 3 days delayed then decided to have pregnancy test, I did it 3x afternoon, morning, and evening and all came positive after that my period came, after my period did pregnancy test again but its negative, the thing is I'm having pregnancy symptoms (nausea and cravings) and always hungry, is there a possibilty that I'm pregnant?

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have you done another test? i think as the test came back negative after the period, it sounds like a chemical pregnancy...perhaps your body wasnt quite ready after the miscarriage and needed another monthly cycle to get back to normal...fingers crossed this next month gives you a bfp and a healthy pregnancy x


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