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I have had three positive test results but my friend said they could be wrong?

I finished my period four weeks ago. A week after i finished i had some spotting. I did not come on my period when i was due even though i have always been regular. Then a week after i was due i got some more spotting. I took three tests one cheap one and two clearblue ones. They all say im pregnant and the clear blue ones say im about three weeks. I have experienced bloating nausea sore breasts and an increased need to wee along with slight constipation and slight increase in vaginal discharge all of which can be early signs of pregnancy. I told my doctor but he said that because the tests are positive i need to ring the number for the midwives. I did this and was told that someone will see me when im about eight weeks. My friend said that i might not be pregnant and that ovarian cancer and phantom pregnancies can cause positive tests. Now im worried that it coukd be something serious or i might get to my first scan and find theres not actually a baby there but i cant find out till twelve weeks. I havent been concentrating on getting pregnant but now i know i could be im hoping i am but i dont want to get my hopes up. What are the chances that my friend is actually right? Or am i definately pregnant?

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I remember my doctor telling me that you dont get false positive results. You can get false negatives but the HCG which is what is detected by the tests really only come from being pregnant. The only thing that could cause HCG levels is ovarian cysts I believe. I have a cyst so worried that my test might not be right too but i think coupled with all your other symptoms sounds like you are! I am 18 weeks now so it was correct for me!

Good luck xx


Your friend is scaremongering, and has spent too much time on Google. Don't pay attention.

Midwives register your pregnancy based on a positive test. Go to see a midwife and they should be able to reassure you.


i'm going thru the same thing. my stomach is soft,my breast are sore,morning and ever night nausea,i also have vaginal discharge, i'm almost 6 weeks since my last period which was january first. but think i concieved on jan 17th. good luck and god bless.


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