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Please help - where have my pregnancy symptoms gone??

Hi, I am approx 7 weeks pregnant and I feel like I have lost all of my symptoms. The last symptom I had was heartburn on thurs night but apart from slightly tender breasts I Cant feel anything anymore, as you can tell I'm a total worrier. Previous to this I was getting nausea, food aversions which seem to have subsided. I had a scan on Monday which showed a baby and a heartbeat ( which the sonographer said was slower than it should be) I am so scared I have lost my baby, has anyone felt this way and been ok?? X

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This is absolutely the scariest time of pregnancy! Most women have concerns about something going wrong in early pregnancy, and in most cases everything is just fine.

An absence of nausea and food aversions at this point may just mean that you are lucky!! Eat up while you can enjoy it! :)

If you are really concerned, contact your nearest early pregnancy unit.

R x


Concur with rmh2012. I'm similar kazzacollie. I'm 6 weeks on Monday and very very mild symptoms to no symptoms, I've had no scan yet. Previously like you tender boobies and sore nips and nausea. I'm a worrier too so you're not alone! WIshing you all the best and remember the above, if you're really concerned then seek medical advice from a professional. Good luck! x


Thanks everyone, I'm going to try and chill out a bit I think the reason we worry so much is because we want our babies so much and I admit I am thinking too much about everything. My mam said she never had sickness in either of her pregnancies so I guess it can happen!! I have had a couple of little twinges and boobs are a bit sore today so fingers crossed. Good luck everyone x x


I agree with all the comments above. I am currently 9 weeks and had symptoms come and go since 6 weeks, so now I just enjoy the days I don't have them so bad because they always come back with a vengeance. So I would definitely relax x x


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