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Had Period 4th August for normal 4 days, then on night of 21st started to bleed enough to wear and cover two pads (sorry) then on night of 22nd same again, yet nothing in the day, now today 24th August 2012 I woke up feeling sick, took a test negative! I feel irratible too . Lol ie just had to get out the room cos I can hear my dad crunching breakfast it's not like me at all. I'm trying to conceive, which is very hard as my hubby works away but we managed to have sex 4 times before then 2nd period began. It's too much blood for implantation bleeding, I've been off the pill for. Two months now. My period has been every 45days since December 2011 so this is out of the ordinary for me, can anyone shed any light?

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I think the best people to help you figure it out and how to plan for a successful pregnancy considering your cycle is 45 days is your GP or family planning service. They'll be able to shed light on why your periods are so heavy. I recommend giving them a ring and getting their expert advise. Good luck Allyemo! :o)


Hiya sounds about right yeah. My periods aren't normally heavy I have it pretty good long cycle very light -medium flow yet this month just for two nights bleed heavy . I shall consult my doctor ASAP, :-) thanks kaleidoscope


It could be you have just came off your pill two months ago, it messes up your cycle, so it could be your cycle trying to adjust back to normal again.


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