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Undulating nature of symptoms!

I'm curious... I'm 5.5 weeks pregnant with my first (excited and very scared), not excessive symptoms, mild nausea (using seabands, eating ginger and drinking ginger tea) the classic sore nipples, bloating, wind, feeling very hot at night with heavy sweating (grim), period type pain, loss of appetite...

Today though... barely a symptom, although I have felt more hungry today and eaten more (nummy chicken soup and egg salad!!) Am I going to wake up in the morning with symptoms increased with a vengeance :o) or if there is a lack at what point ought I to get advice from GP or Midwife?

No bleeding or anything experienced. I am so naive about pregnancy so apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere on another post, couldn't find anything!

Congratulations to anyone who has recently found out their happy news!

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I'm so glad you wrote this as I am feeling exactly the same. I too am exactly 5.5 weeks and have had all the symptoms and now nothing. As you say no bleeding either. I too am clueless and haven't bought a book yet so any wise words welcome! Oh and congratulations by the way x


Congratulations to you both!!!

I am 7 weeks and had the same thing - all sickness, sore boobs and headachey for the past 2 weeks and as of yesterday nothing!

I asked the question on here too and was told that this happens sometimes and that it is nothing to worry about and will come back periodically throughout preganancy.

If i get any cramping or bleeding i will contact my Dr and suggest you do the same.

Hope all goes well and good luck



Thank you ladies!

I may have spoke too soon you know... oh the irony, I was hoping I'd escaped the icky part but woke at 2am in need of chewing ginger root, thankfully no puking but I had to do a lot of deep breathing and a lot of ginger nibbling! I shall enjoy all days that are symptom free!

I wish you two the best with your pregnancies! This is exciting! Hope it all goes well for all of us. So relieved to find this community online, would be a bit lost without it at the moment! xxx


I was exactly the same! sore boobs, mild nausea, loss of appetite, hot at night, period type pains and then it all stopped very suddenly about 6/7 weeks I think.

I'm 11 weeks now and while I still have sore boobs, they aren't as sore (or maybe I've got used to it!!) I get a lot of headaches and I'm either too hot or too cold.


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