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Doctors receptionist dismissive, please help

I've just done a home pregnancy test and it's positive! It's my first baby so I phoned the doctors to make an appointment. I got told by the rude receptionist that I didn't need to see anyone until 8 weeks. Surely a doctor needs to confirm my pregnanu and go through all my medication that I'm on? I don't feel like I can phone back because I'm so unsure, and scared and the receptionist was horrible. Please help me.

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Congratulations! There's nothing to confirm--your doctor doesn't have any test to offer you that will come back negative when a home pregnancy test has come back positive, so kick back, relax, and enjoy that little blue cross :) The rude receptionist is right, they generally don't want to see you until 8 weeks at the earliest, sometimes later. (Though of course there's no need to be rude, how were you to know?) Still, you might as well get that appointment booked. I'd suggest you find out what midwife's practice you're supposed to go to and call them. (The starting point for antenatal care is the midwife, not your doctor, though you may see a doctor too if you have special needs.) When making the appointment you can mention any underlying medical conditions you have/medications you take, and if any of them are a concern they can arrange to see you earlier. Meanwhile the NHS Choices website has loads of information about every stage of pregnancy, so you don't have to wait for your first appointment to find out all about what's going on, what you should and shouldn't eat, etc.

Have fun!


Hi congratulations, this same situation happened to me, I was really confused and anxious i even took myself to a walk in centre but they said unless i was bleeding there is nothing to worry about. when i eventualy did see dr at eight weeks all they do is take down details and do ur blood pressure, Im now eleven weeks and found out its identicle twins x. Its really hard but try to just go with the flow, and start taking folic acid. try talking to a friend who has been through it. Hope this helps good luck x


Hi congratulations!

I think the other answers are right ... depending on what other medication you are on. I was on warfarin and it was essential I came off it as soon as possible (waiting until 8 weeks would've been very dangerous to the baby). But then, before I went on warfarin, the doctors were very very clear that that's what I needed to do should I get pregnant. If you haven't been strenuously warned about your other medications, then you're probably OK, Have a read of the leaflets with any meds that you take but I believe that you should only worry about anything that says 'not to be taken during pregnancy' - drug companies often write 'if pregnant consult a doctor' just to cover their backs rather than because there's any big risk.

And if you want to see a doctor, I don't see why you should have to explain why to the receptionist - can't you ask for an appointment and, if asked why, say you'd rather discuss it only with the doctor.

Be prepared that the doctor's reaction might be similar to the receptionist's though - and it could feel harsher when you're sitting in front of him/her instead of speaking to a receptionist over the phone.


I agree with Kipper - if you want to see a doctor then get an appointment booked, you don't have to tell the receptionist why. With both my pregnancies I have seen a doctor at about 5 weeks (just after having a positive test) and they have never said I shouldn't go. The doctor didn't do another test, but they asked me about my general health and gave me advice about foods to avoid etc, did my blood pressure and referred me to the midwives. In fact at the practice that I'm at you have to see the doctor before you get referred to the midwife! I guess that everywhere is different. If you're worried about your medication, then go to the doctors, otherwise the NHS site has loads of information, so just relax and try to enjoy it until 8 weeks comes along.


how strange. I rang my doctor for an appointment to confirm my pregnancy and they saw me pretty much straight away. they told me where midwife was, asked me if I wanted to pop in and see them or do I want to be referred by doctor? they were brilliant and really helpful. they didn't do another test but gave me some general advice and told me to come back if I wanted any advice or if I was feeling poorly.

if you want to see the doctor, call and make the appointment. you can always tell the receptionist that it's private, they have no right to know what you want to speak to the doctor about. don't let them upset you, you should be glowing with your happy news!!


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