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5 weeks and 4 days

hey im 5 weeks and 4 days. ive had lots of cramp, like period pains the week i was due and up until 5 weeks and 2 days. with trapped wind and nausea and sickness. But now nothing. is this normal?

Sorry i seem to be asking loads of questions just now but this is all very new to me and as ive not told anyone yet i cant ask others for their advice.

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Hi there im 5 weeks pregnant with my second child and think some pain etc are normal. Have you seen your doctor yet or midwife? Might be worth speaking to them about it. Think morning sickness usually starts around 6 weeks but not an exact science so might be that. Hope youre ok x


Hey couldnt get appointment with dr until 31st. this will be the first time ive seen them since finding out im pregnant. Just trying to relax and chill out and not worry about things too much. Thanks x


I never throw up or have nausea, but found myself feeling very sick at least ten days before my period was due. Now I don't feel nausea, but am tender up top. I've heard some symptoms can come and go. Sat up with swollen feet at the mo.


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