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Help doctors wont listen, need advice asap

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hi me and my husband have been ttc we have had 13 miscarriages in the last 3 1/2 years but doctors say nothing is wrong just bad timing. My periods are like clockwork but my last was 3/5/12 so very late, doctors said its nothing to be worried about, they wont send me for blood test, urine tests ive had 2 negative 1positive, but they still wont do nothing.

i need some advice becuse if I am pregnant I will be 15weeks and ive had no help from the doctors

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oh hun i am so sorry you have had too go through this life can be so unfair at times, if your saying your gp wont do anything for you can you maybe go and try and see another doctor for a second opinion. your period is very late so i would imagine any doctor would want to find out why. good luck i know this prob isnt the best advice i could give but if i were you i would look for a second opinion and relax because if you are pregnant stress wont do youany good. x

hi i would say go to another doctor as after 3 miscarriages you get sent for testing to see if they can detect why it keeps happening , also if you have had a positive test and are late i would maybe call your nearest early pregnancy unit and explain to them your gp wont help you as if you are indeed pregnant you require a scan, your doctor seems very unhelpful im sorry your having to go through this but i would act asap on it and get seen by someone soon x

I would write a complaint about the doctor, and change surgeries. When I got no joy from my Gp I called the local birthing centre and directly contacted the midwife, I also contacted nhs direct when I was bleeding the second time as my Gp wasn't concerned, and managed to get a viability scan. I'm on my third pregnancy, and am thinking about by passing Gp all together this time. Hope this helps, I still cannot get over the shear apathy of your doctor.

This is terrible, I would definatly call your local maternity unit who will put you in touch with a midwife who im sure would be far more useful and might even be able to talk to the doctor to sort things out for you. I was told that pregnantcy tests are more likly to give a false negative than a false positive good luck x

Thanks for all your replies, im grateful for all the advice, with all my other pregnancy they never went past 12 weeks. But Im feeling really different, ive had this butterfly feeling and popcorn popping sensation in my tummy the last 2 days, im getting worried now, I phoned my doctors and asked to see a different doctor, I explained to the receptionist and she tol me that there was no other doctor to see me, I spoke to my husband and he said if I cant get an appointment by next week he is taking me straight to the hospital to ask if they can help

Like others have said, change your surgery and don't wait for a week to see the a doctor. have you done another pregnancy test recently, perhaps do another one to see what it says. I have not seen my doctor at all this pregnancy so ask for a midwife appointment and give them all the information about your missed pregnancy.

Also you need to make a complaint to the NHS about this surgery, it is an absolute disgrace!

I meant missed period

See if you can find your local birthing centre address and phone number. Then call them directly they will call you back for a book in date. And a scan. Please make a complaint about this doctor and change surgeries, as I feel the general dis regard that they have shown for your past agony is putting it very mildly bad practic, and needs to be stopped

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