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New to this... Help what vitamins to take?

Hey im 5 weeks and 3 days, cant get an appointment with my GP for 2 weeks and just wondering what vitamin suppliments to take? I know i should be taking folic acid. is there any more benefits in taking the pregncare vitmains with several included or ami just better sticking to folic acid on its own? Any advice is greatful.. i really dont have a clue what im doing lol!!

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hi im pregnant with my 3rd baby and i was advised by my nidwife to take just folic acid at the beginning and then around 14 weeks to start takin the multi vitamins you can buy when pregnant xx



I'm 7 weeks (first baby!). I had my first doc appt on Friday just gone and she said I should be taking Folic Acid untill 3 months and Vitamin D from now until after the baby is born.

Hope this helps.



I'm 10 weeks and midwife advised me to take a multi vitamin such as pregnacare. I do feel better for taking it actually!!


Thanks for your advice. i bought folic acid yesterday and have started taking them, i have also ordered pregnacare online and will wait and see what the dr or midwife say. When do you think i should be seeing the midwife? ive got my first appointment with GP on the 31st, (first appointment i could get.) to tell them im pregnant i will be 6 weeks and 6 days then.


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