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Am i Pregnant?

I was wondering if someone can help me i was wondering if i am pregnant, im feeling sick all of the time for the last 1 and a half weeks ive had a period but it only lasted for 3 days which usually last 5 days, it wasnt as heavy as i normally am but it looked like my period, im having funny feelings in my stomach area, i have lower back pain. my moods are up and down can be really low like crying then i can be happy the next minute i find myself getting tired throughout the day, if anyone can help i would be most grateful, many thanks.

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hi princess1234

from what you have said i assume you have been having unprotected sex which means there is a real chance that you could be pregnant and from the symptoms you have mentioned it is quite possible you are pregnant but you need to be sure hun so i would suggest you go and get a test and then you will no for sure or even go to your gp...hope this helps

good luck x


hey mms87 thanks for the reply, im hoping i am pregnant and thats what im going to do :) thanks again xx


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