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According to my dates this makes me 6 weeks pregnant - I have booked a midwife appointment which will be 13 weeks, does this seem right?

I am concerned about the pregnancy as it is my first and I am not sure what to expect.

I am also on medication for depression which the doc said to reduce but this has made me more anxious about the whole pregnancy. I have even convinced myself that there is something wrong.

Is there anyway that I can get a scan earlier that I have booked for?

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It is unusual to get an earlier scan unless it's looking like there is something wrong. However, if you have concerns, you should definitely speak to your GP.

It is perfectly normal to worry that something has gone wrong - the first trimester is the most nerve-wracking in my experience!! However, if you are already suffering depression and have reduced your meds, it's all the more important to that you speak to your doctor about your concerns. Your doctor can make sure that everything's on track. You don't really need a scan to be assured that everything's going well - urine or blood tests will show that everything is moving in the right direction. And you should be aware that early scans don't show very much and can at times cause more worry than relief.

It's really important that you do your best to stay relaxed and positive. Remember that pregnancy hormones can make us feel over protective of this new life developing. This makes all of us more prone to worry, particularly during early pregnancy. Nature intended this to be a good thing - to help us to protect our unborn babies, but it can also cause undue concern. So keep it all in perspective, talk to your GP as you need to, and be very kind to yourself!

Take care

R x


Thanks very much for your reponse.

You have put my mind at rest and I will try to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.

I feel a little alone in this right now as I want to get the scan out of the way before I tell anyone but it seems so long off that I am not sure that I will be able to cope.



I completely understand wishing to keep it private (I've been very much the same). However, you might want to consider whether there's someone you trust who you can tell. I found having someone to share my excitement and fears with helped me no end! If you don't feel that you can share with anyone, definitely keep posting rather than feel alone. It is a long wait until that first scan, and it's a bit longer again before you start feeling the baby move on a regular basis - so some nail biting times ahead! But you're definitely not alone!! So hang in there, and stay in touch.

R x


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