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How soon can you tell?

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie.

My husband and I have decided to try for a baby, after being together for 10 years. This is a very exciting time for us, and I had my contraceptive implant removed yesterday. The Dr told me that fertility comes back almost instantly or at least very quickly. Does anyone know how soon a pregnancy would show on a urine pregnancy test kit?

Also is there anything I should or shouldn't be doing? Foods to avoid while trying etc..?

Thank You

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hi i had my implant removed on 17th July 2012 and my first period came on on the 7th August 2012 so just bout 4weeks for my cycle to begin, i am too try to concieve, i went to my gp and i have started to take folic acid which is highly reccommended!!! wait for your period to return would be my advice so you know your dates etc... but in the meantime go to your gp and maybe start the folic acid...x


Hi there,

I've never had the implant, but i have heard (as your doctor says) that you go back to normal (pre-implant) almost right away. I would say the same as mms87, that you should wait until you have your first period before you try to conceive, then your practitioner will be able to make out your due date if you did become pregnant. Also calculation your ovulation days are also very handy when it comes to conceiving! We worked out that we conceived on exactly my most fertile day of the month. There are a lot of apps you can download (if you have a smartphone) to help keep track of this!

I first realised I was pregnant within a week of conception. My boobs were beginning to get tender and I started to get slight nausea and aversion to certain foods. These symptoms only worsened with time :( I took a test bang on the day I was meant to get my period, and there it was, a little blue cross! I just knew almost right away, but it is very different for everyone! My partner and I had been trying for nearly 9 months.

The best things to do are -

Keep off the alcohol fueled nights out or post work Friday night bottle of wine (just try to avoid it altogether)

Take your folic acid every day - it helps to prevent neural tube defects

Eat a balanced diet, to make sure your body is in optimal condition for what its about to go through!

And most of all....don't stress! Have some fun, be spontaneous! And certainly don't think for one second that your body is not capable of handling pregnancy or there is something wrong, if you don't conceive for months or even a year!

Good luck :)



Agree with above, definitely start taking follic acid now. Ideally for at least 4 weeks before you fall pregnant. So if you're implant has just been removed, it's the perfect time to start.

NHS have a site which contains great information on all the basics (such as diet and vitamins, common symptoms, what to expect) right through pregnancy.

I found it really helpful, particularly as I didn't see a midwife (in my NHS Trust - it varies depending on where you live) until my 12 week scan. Being able to look up what to do (and not do!) and what to expect did a lot to put my mind at rest.

All the best

R x


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