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pls help

hi my good ladies in house, i need advice to give to a friend pls. there is ds my friend dt has irregular period and sometimes she dnt see it atall for a whole mnth.whn visit her doctor b/4 she married, he told her dt no problem to that. she is around 31yrs now and got married in march ds yr(2012) ,She saw her period dt march she got married,april&may,she didnt see it,1st june her period returned and lasted for 4days.since then till date period fell to return. Now she she is worried and was asking me what to.can she be prgnant without menstration? ha done done serveral prgnacy test & is negation. thanks for candid and honest advice.

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could be that she has problems with her cycle still..i suggest she go for testing to see if she has polycystic ovaries or something similar because if she has tested many times it seems unlikely she is pregnant


thanks for the ans. i will suggest that for her.


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