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Ultrasound scan at 5-6 weeks I'm worried about the results


On Wednesday I had an early ultrasound scan which was 6 weeks from my last period but when the scan was done all they saw was a gestational sack and a small white line which she said was consistent to someone being 5-6 weeks !! Is this bad? Should I be able to see baby? Has anyone else experienced this and had good results, I have to go back on a week to see whether my pregnancy is progressing I'm so scared I would be grateful of anyone could share experiences with me x

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hi i had a scan with my son at 10weeks and all i could see was the tinest dot, try not to worry (i no hard) but if it was tiny at 10weeks im sure it even smaller at 5weeks, and he is now a healtyh 3year old boy. Good luck and i hope this helps you even a little bit. x

Kazzacollie in reply to mms87

It does thanks! It's nice to hear good stories they help give me hope!! The nurse told me that there is a chance my baby will not grow that is what has scared me so much. It has took me 2 years to get to this point and I want this baby so much it hurts x

I was in the same situation. We were trying for a baby for ages, I am 40 now, so was starting to lose hope. We were over the moon when I finally became pregnant. I started to bleed at six weeks, I had a scan that night and they couldn't see anything. I had to go back a couple of weeks later, there was a sac with a dot. I was so worried all this time as I wasn't getting any positive answers, just wait and see is what they said. I went to a new doctor a week later, there was a baby and a heartbeat! She said I had another empty sac and had lost a twin,which explained the bleeding. I was delighted to see that little heart go. I am now 15 weeks and feeling great. I did have to rest up for a while after the bleeding and then again until the second sac dissapeared. Try to rest as much as you can,eat well and take your folic acid. I wont say don't worry as I know it is impossible. Stay positive and the very best of luck. X

Kazzacollie in reply to Rowdy

Thanks Rowdy that helps, I'm so pleased that you and baby are doing well but I'm sorry about the other baby! That does make me feel loads better that there is hope!! I know the hospital have to prepare you for the worst but the worst is all I can think about, I'm paranoid that my symptoms are coming and going but I think that's all to do with what they said to me. Yes I am eating well and continuing with the folic acid : ) thing was I have been going through fertility treatment and last month I was told by day 18 that my treatment had failed that month so it's possible that I'm not as far along as what they think that's what I'm hoping anyway. Good luck for the future x x

Hi, i've had 3 scans where my baby wasn't found and i had a scan a week ago tomorrow and they found a little heart beat they said to me that the baby doesn't show up until its 6weeks so i wouldn't worry to much i am now 7weeks i hope everything goes ok for you and i know its not easy to say as i was in your position a week ago. good luck! xx

Kazzacollie in reply to Niamh93

Thanks Niamh, so it really shows if I ovulated later my baby might not show up yet I hope that's the case I really do and you understand my feelings too fingers crossed x

i had a blood test as well have they not gave you one of them to check my hormone levels mine where at 7,000 and something and they said to me if that doubles in the next 48hours that my pregnancy was in the right place. my bloods 48hours after went to 12,000 so if your really scared go to your doctors and ask for blood tests i hope any of this info helps you out and all the best xx

Kazzacollie in reply to Niamh93

That is actually a very good idea no they haven't done any bloods just, water tests and an ultrasound, I think I am going to ask my doctors or my fertility clinic see if they will do that because I still have another week to wait till my other scan and it's never off my mind thanks xx

good i hope all works out okay! Then you have a little bit more of an idea whats happening in less time xx

Kazzacollie in reply to Niamh93

My husband had a point my drs take a week to get the blood tests back so even then im not going to know. I think my fertility clinic is going to be the best option. Can I ask what symptoms have you been getting the past couple of weeks, have they been coming and going? X

Hi, if you do a google image search online for 6 weeks pregnant ultrasounds, I'm sure you'll find it reassuring. Loads of images, all consistent with your scan, and of healthy pregnancies.

Best of luck

R x

Remember, the scan is not the final diagnosis. If there is a problem they will do other tests ie looking at hormone levels (HCG is one of them). Try not to worry... Keep asking questions...

Stay proactive.

Will follow you!


Hiya, I had an early scan as well (5 weeks) due to a bad pain a was having and they told me the same thing, I know is scary but then 10 days later I had another scan and I could see the baby's heartbeat...when is too early in the pregnancy it's hard to see and they don't tell you much just in case, just stay positive and you will see how the pregnancy keeps developing....

Now is just about the nauseas and being sick all the time but when you get to see the baby onthe screen makes every single disconfort worth it.

Good luck


Thanks everyone for your support!! I will keep positive and have faith that my next scan will show me what I need to see. Will let you know what happens on Monday! As for symptoms I have only been sick once last week, its just certain smells that make me wretch at the moment (its quite funny when it happens like), I have a bit of a sore back, and struggling as to what foods I fancy to eat which is annoying too ha ha all for a good cause eh? Speak soon xxx

Don't worry about not feeling sisk, some people don't feel sick at all. Normally this would be a good thing. Niamh mentioned a blood test, I had one and had the results later the same day. The levels can give you an idea of dates. If anything was wrong the levels would have dropped way below what they should be, even if you're not as far along as you think you are. Are you bleeding or in pain? If not I really think you are going to be very happy with your next scan. Rowdy( real name another Niamh) xx

Kazzacollie in reply to Rowdy

No I haven't been bleeding had a bit light spotting a couple of weeks ago but think that was implantation not in Any pain either so I'm guessing thats why they haven't checked my bloods. My docs take 5 working days to get blood tests back but I suppose apart from put my mind at ease I don't know what they could do anyway. Fingers crossed your right 6 days left now. They also said when they scanned me that everything was where it should be but hoped they would be able to see the start of baby I know its early days like. Niamh do you think I would be in pain or something if things were going wrong? X

My husband is a sonographer. At 5 weeks 3 days i started bleeding so we went into the hospital and he did a sneaky scan for me. At that stage you can only really see what they call the "diamond ring" its like a white line/circle with a bright white dot on it. This is perfectly normal! It is unusual to see a heartbeat before 6 weeks which is why you wont usually be offered a scan before 6 weeks even if bleeding etc (hence my off the record scan). I am now 14 weeks and all progressing really well. I know its easy to say but do try and stay positive, the more relaxed and stress free you can stay the better. This is my second pregnancy ( i have an 18 month old) and i have worried horrendously through both. Slight cramping, back ache and even a small amount of spotting is all really normal in early pregnancy and nothing to worry about. My experiences of miscarriages (i have had 2) are that any symptoms you have just stop overnight and then you may start cramping/bleeding but this was just me and may not be the same for everyone. Keeping my fingers crossed for a happy, healthy pregnancy for you. xx

I had two scans where the said the same but wouln't commit to anything. I had bleeding and a lot of painful cramping( not just discomfort) which I now know was the twin. I didn't know I was having twins and really thought I was going to miscarry, so one heartbeat was wonderful to see. I think you will be fine, everything sounds on track. Your scan was just too early. There are few similar stories on here. They really put my mind at ease when I was in the same situation. You don't seem to have any worrying symtoms which is great. Take care and the very best of luck. Niamh xx

Kazzacollie in reply to Rowdy

Hi, I'm getting really nervous for tomorrow now I just hope everything will be ok. Still getting nauseous, thirsty, slight pains in my uterus which I hope are all good signs fingers crossed x thanks for all of your advice and reassurance x

Hi hun sorry i didnt reply ive been ill this week, erm i had pains and thats why i got rushed into hospital but everything was fine. I know its hard to say but try not to worrie to much as that can sometimes make things worse. I hope everything goes okay for you tomorrow good luck! xxx

Hi I hope you and baby are ok now!!! I know but as you can tell I'm a total worrier I'm just so scared they won't find a heart beat. I just want this baby so much I just wish I could do something to make sure it will be ok. Four hours to go..... X x

Good luck for today xx

Hi Niamh, thanks for your support I hope you are well!!! I have just come back from the hospital and there is a lovely little baby there!!! There is also a heartbeat they said its a little on the slow side but that can be normal for the early stages but it has grown a lot since I was in 12 days ago, they have asked me to go back in for another scan in 2 weeks. They said there are all positive signs That baby is developing etc etc x x fingers crossed

Eeek im so happy for you! Congratulations ... =D

Kazzacollie in reply to Niamh93

Thank you!!! No doubt I will find something else to worry about haha : ) hope you are ok? X

Great news, you can start to relax and enjoy you pregnancy now. I am so happy for you Niamh xx

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