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Is there something wrong with me? Ive had alot of unprotected sex over the last 2 years and havent became pregnant?

I have had unorotected sex with many guys and at least 4 of them have finished inside me. I know i shudnt have unprotected sex blah blah but thats not the problem. Im only turning 20 so dont want to go to a doctor to see if im fertile or watever they would do. i have sex at least 4 times a week and nothings happened. My sister had unprotected sex twice and shes pregnant. I slept with the same guy she did and im not :/.

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I'd say there was definitely something wrong with you, but it's got nothing to do with your fertility.

Having unprotected sex 'blah blah blah' IS the problem. Do you think STDs are just something that happens to other people? Some STDs can make you infertile, so that's quite a risk you're running if you're already worried. For the love of god, start using contraception until you have the maturity to conceive a child you actually want, rather than as proof that you are fertile.

Oh, and the whole sleeping with the same guy as your sister? Well, the less said about that the better.

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I don't think the behaviour and sexual experiences you are describing would enable anyone to make an assessment in relation to your fertility.

I am concerned that maybe there are other issues you need to approach before looking at fertility. Some people can find having numerous sexual partners liberating and empowering, but if you do this you really need to make sure that you and your partners are safe - sexually transmitted infections as well as causing you health problems could affect your baby if you were to conceive, and they could affect your chances of conceiving, with infections like chlamydia resulting in infertility if left untreated.

Alternatively, rather than having multiple partners being liberating, you may be making choices as a result of low self esteem. If your mood and wellbeing is not positive, then this could impact on conceiving - being in an unhappy relationship or unhappy in yourself is not a circumstance or feeling conducive to conception.

I think you need to find a medical professional you can talk to - maybe a GP or someone at a sexual health service? You can talk to them both about why you are making the choices you are about your own safety, and also about your concerns about your own fertility. You do need to check your sexual health through a health check to make sure all is well with you. You may benefit from a referral to counselling support to explore these issues further.

You are young, and I am sure your fertility will be fine, but you need to look after yourself first.


I would completely agree with the last comment but would like to add.......what is the hurry to have a baby. There is so much to explore in life and experience, much of which you wouldn't be able to do with a baby.

Plus being in a stable relationship is the best environment for a child, albeit that many have to cope alone, but it makes life doubly hard bringing up a child on your own.

May I suggest you take some time out, a few months perhaps, and look at the life your sister is about to have. Help her with the baby, then tackle some of your own issues. Be comfortable in your own skin and then find mr right.

I slept around a lot when I was a teenager and now realise that I was lonely and in need of stability after a turbulent childhood. I am glad I waited. I travelled, went to uni, had lots of fun and experienced a lot in life. I am now late thirties, have found mr right six years ago, finally grew up and made this huge decision to have a child based upon my ability to afford one, the fact that I am in love and this will be the icing on the cake and finally because I feel I am emotionally and mentally able to taken what will be the biggest challenge of my life. It is a massive responsibility and a decision that you need to really think about. I have no idea about your personal circumstances and you may have lots of money and plenty of family to help, but you have to think of the world you are bringing that child into. Is it a happy world? Will the child be loved? Will you have financial stresses that impact the child? Will you provide everything for the child you possibly can do and be willing to sacrifice your social life, for a while at least? Please think carefully about what you are doing to your body. You could ruin your chance of ever having a baby. Or if you were unlucky enough to contract something like herpes, you could potentially kill your own child. Could you live with that?


Don't worry. I think you should probably get an sti test, you can get one at your local sexual health (GUM) clinic of at the dr, because sti's can lead to infertility but I don't think there's anything wrong with you. I had a lot of unprotected sex when I was younger too, it's not a crime, and I did have an sti once but it got treated and went away! When I was ready to settle down and have a child, hey presto I got pregnant, but I had thought the same as you, I'd had a lot of unprotected sex and not gotten pregnant, so was I infertile? My advice would be to try to keep yourself protected and get checked, but don't worry! Xx


i was in such a stupid mood when i wrote that first question sorry. I know it sounded quiet stupid. I dont really sleep around i was in a 4 year long relationship and the guy broke up with me for no good reason so yea i went on a drunken sex spree. i know thats not a good exscuse for not using protection but its all ive got.

Im not really ready for a child and although i dont use condoms with my current partner (I no for a fact he was a virgin before me) i do take the pill most months. I suppose im not really ready for a child but like i said my younger sister is pregnant and everyones kind of puttin me down lyk as if shes amazing for getting pregnant and im not.

dont want to get into a long term relationship as well and find out i cant have kids and dissapoint. I just have a really bad feeling that i cant have kids as ive always said i dont want them but really i do i just dont tell people.

Because of this bad feeling i really want to find out for sure if i can. Dont want to look stupid going and asking my doctors at this age though. Anyone know when a good time would be?

Oh and Stowsettler i slept with him first so dont judge before you know!


I think u do want you want I am married and have had the same problem except with my husband I feel like I am broken or something I get it wanting to be a mom or just like a penis with out a condom and now you are questioning something's I would say go to doctor get checked and if they judge u fire them if not then ur fine but seriously check for studs if nothing then just have them run further test there's nothing wrong with being curious about what's going on in the inside and screw these judge mental people


I say you sound a bit jealous of your sister like this is a competition with sleeping with the same man and now wanting a baby just for the attention and for the fact she's pregnant. Before thinking about bringing another child into the world make sure you're grown up yourself.


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