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My hubby and I have been together for 15 years (married for 11) been trying for a baby for 18 months, and nothing is happening

we both had all the tests and came back fine, we have been discharged from the hospital as unexplained case, which means they don't know why its not happening, my only hope is IVF, but been told i cannot get it free on the NHS as the law changed recently. my hubby has 3 kids from a previous marriage, i have not seen them since we have been together as she ran away. It feels like i am been punished because he has had kids before!! the doctor said my only hope is to get a charity to help out as i cannot afford the £6000, is there anyone out there that has been through the same as me, as each month its becoming harder and harder and i am having to see a counsilor because of this - thank you x

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Have you tried holistic methods to concieve like acupuncture. Sometimes your body becomes so stressed it stops you from concieving. It's a lot cheaper than IVF. If there are no clinical reasons you can't concieve it might be worth a go. I hope it works out for you x


I think you have done everything that could be done to be pregnant and now its a question of money to have an IVF but I want you to try someone different and that is God through the prayer coaching of Elisha Goodman.Just go to his website and you will know what am talking about.Join the Prayer Academy immediately if you want quick full blown testimonies of the fruit of the womb.I just found out about his site bcos I wanted a financial miracle and my marriage was in trouble bcos I hadn't conceived and am 42 yrs old and I was loosin faith on havin my own child then I joined the academy praying for my marriage on the 25july 2012 which runs for 21 days and he coaches you by giving you prayer bullets that hit the foundations of your life and bring back what the devil had stolen from you.I want to tell you that in just this few weeks I just realised am onee week pregnant.My first marriage broke down bcos I couldn't conceive and I have been a christian for 7yrs but this prayers I have never seen and prayed before.Elisha Goodman is in Canada and I am in South africa but the impact he has made in my life is too amazing for me to keep quiet when God is using him to bring joy to many.My husband came back home a week just after I joined the Academy and just one sexual encounter with him I am pregnant.

Pls run quickly to and come back with a testimony.God wanted me to tell u this that its not over until God himself says so.


Stress is the enemy of conception!! Relax, focus on other matters, and give it space to happen.

R x


It is really hard, it's taken me and my husband 4 years to conceive, we found out we had conceived naturally the day after being told we had no chance of conception except IVF ! I have a friend who has a beautiful boy after 8 years of trying. I personally am a Christian and I believe that prayer helped us conceive, to us our baby is a miracle.

Good luck !


i went through the exact same sort of thing me and my partner had been trying for 3 years straight but i also got told that it would be very hard for me to get pregnant but not really sure what it was that happend i think i may of been that we were stressing about it or i changed the way i thought about getting pregnant as i decided having a baby in 3 years time wouldnt be so bad ( as we have just moved to new zealand) but 2 weeks ago after being down under for almost 2 months i found out i was pregnant so i do think a lot of it is to do with the way our minds are and putting to much stress on yourself dont think about it and dont get to hard on yourself it could even be down to the smallest things stressing you out just relax and enjoy each other and eventually it will happen just leave it to nature xx


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