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How long on average after stopping the pill will it take for my period to return?

I've been on the pill for six years, but last month my parter and i decided to start trying for a baby as we're getting married soon. Trouble is, I won't be able to tell if my period is late because the last one I had was when I was on the pill. We've already had unprotected sex since stopping the pill. I've heard that when you come off the pill your next period can take longer to come than normal. And looking back I should have waited for my normal periods to return first and then I could tell if I was late, or if my period just hadn't arrived yet. So now I'm unsure if I'm pregnant or not. Two weeks ago, I had some mild period like cramps, and I felt so tired and drained and my boobs were quite tender. Then last week, my nipples were so tender, almost painful against my bra, and my boobs look bigger. But i wasn't sure if all that was just my body getting used to not being on the pill. It's been five weeks since my pill period and I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of this and could tell me when I should start looking at it as a missed period. Thanks in advance.

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When I came off the pill I did not get period for 2months them when they did start I went longer with each 1 . 28 days 1 month then could be 35 the next. So try not to worry if your period as not come by the time you will be 4 weeks late I would take a test so u know 1way or the other. Once I knew the paten of my period I then knew best time to be having sex this worked 4 me took 12month to get pregnant I'm now 26wks best feeling in the world good luck hope this helps xxx


mine came back pretty much straight away. I was on the pill for 12 years with no breaks. they were different to before I went on the pill though, 28 days rather than 35 and lighter and less painful (thank goodness!) I got pregnant the first month of trying after being off the pill 4 months. I'm now 8 weeks!

I would take a pregnancy test and see what it says. then at least you know if you are pregnant or not. if you aren't I would recommend, letting your body settle down back into a regualr cycle and then trying again, at least you know what dates to aim for then!


I was on the pill for 15 years. We decided that I come off and March 3 was my last pill in the pack. By April 4th I found out I was pregnant. I didnt even have another "normal" period after the pill cause I got pregnant that month and was told that it didnt make a difference and was safe to start trying. My baby is healhty, developing properly, anomaly scan showed excellent results, and Im 23 weeks.


Thanks everyone for the response. The leaflet in the pill packet said it could take a few months but I wanted to know what real people experienced. We are now using condoms until my periods settle in a bit. And if i've still had no period by the beginning of next week, when it'll be six weeks I'll take a pregnancy test so I know where I'm at! Thanks for the help! X


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