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Late period but Negative result!!


Hello! Please can someone give me some advice. I usually have a clockwork 28 day cycle (I am almost never late - The most has ever been by 3 days).

I was due to come on on 3/8/12 but stil nothing!! I did one test yesterday morning and that was neg. and then another today and again it was neg. I have had VERY achey and sore breasts today and i've had what feels like mild period cramps for the past 3 days. I felt sick all day today hence why i did another test.

I am very confused! I can usually time my period to the hour almost so this is out of the ordinary. I am getting impatient and i need some advice please! Thanks

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Try to be patient! Even those with the most regular period can have occasional blips in the schedule. I know it's hard to wait, but if you've taken a test which shows a negative result, I'd wait until you are at least 5 days late before testing again. If you are still negative, make an appointment to see your GP - there may be other reasons for your missed / late period.

All the best

R x


With my first child i tested positive 4 days before with an Early Response test ( based on 28 days). This time I used a different brand with similar accuracy results, but had neg results -2, 0, and +2 days. I didn't get a positive result until 1 week after I was due. Again based on 28 days.

Like you I had sore boobs, achey period type pains and also a sharp pain on one side when I stood up suddenly, ( from the Relaxin hormone making my ligaments change I guess). It was those feelings which made me test a week late.

So don't panic or worry, ( hard I know ), wait until you're a week late then test again, and like the above poster, if it's still negative, pop in to your GP.

Kind Regards,


Thank you so much for replying. I have been a tiny bit stressed this past week as I started a new job which I unfortunately hate and then on Thursday last week my dad found out he'd had a brain hemorige! But I've been more upset than stressed and I know from past periods that stress doesn't affect them. It's the not knowing that's bugging me, from being very regular for about 9 years to suddenly being all stupid and late!! On Friday I will be a week late, so I'll test again then if I am still not on then I'll take a visit to my doc. If it still shows negative. Do you think I still could be pregnant? I'd love a baby my body clocks been ticking for about a year I am excited but I don't want to get my hopes up! Will keep you updated. Han x

Hi, I am the same as you, I am like clockwork, every 26 days to the day and have been for the last 10 years. My last period was due 2 July and by the time I was 4 days late I took a home pregnancy test which was negative. I was convinced I was pregnant as my boobs were HUGE and so sore, and so the following Monday (one week late) I actually took a blood test, which again came back as negative. It was strange and my doctor put my late period down to stress (I am not stressed...)

Anyway, last week when I still hadn't received my period and spent a whole week feeling extremely nauseous with sore boobs, I took another home pregnancy test and I am pregnant. the blood test and ecography have confirmed I am actually 7 weeks pregnant. The doctors can't explain why the urine and blood test showed up negative.

So in any case, I would try again in a few days time or a weeks time, sometimes you know your body more than doctors do!

Good luck :)

Wow, contratulations! You see I am convinced I am pregnant too. I do feel weird and it's not like me. I don't get nausea and my boobs only ache when I an coming on (and it's usually for just a day or 2 before to warn me :p) but ATM I feel sick and have for 2 days and my boobs ache right at the sides and top near armpits. My boobs are unluckily huge anyway but they have grown I know it because this bra that fitted me last week is now too small - I'm popping out of the front!

It's funny now doctors always put things down to stress If they can't work it out lol.

That's such exciting news though! I am so glad others have had the same issues though - my sisters pregnant and she found out at 2 weeks using a home test which showed up straight away - very jealous of her easy luck!

I am not getting my hopes up, but I am positive because I really do think I am pregnant I don't feel like I do normally! Also my discharge is creamy whiteish and also quite a lot - keep rushing to the loo to check if I am coming on - is this possibly another sign? Would anyone advise me to take any prenatal meds in case? If so, what? Han x

hi i am currently ttc and i was recommended to start taking folic acid,

so maybe you might want to start that, hope you get the result you want hun x

keep us updated

Despite being 22 I am not 'down with the lingo' lol... What does ttc mean? Thank you...I'll get some tomorrow :D I've cut down on my caffeine intake from my lovely 3 cups of tea a day to 1 hehe. I'm getting cramps again just now but they feel really strange, similar to period cramps but also different?! It's so hard to describe. I hope I do too thank you :) x

Hi, I am due on today however I have had slight reddish/browny bleeding since Monday which I believe could possibly be implantation bleeding, I have done a test on Monday and today (very impatient!) and both have been negative results.

I had slight implantation bleeding with my first child and I wondering if I could be pregnant??

I am so impatient and I am wondering if i am pregnant or not?? (me and my husband would love another child!!)

Have you had your period yet? It could be implantation or ovulation... I get a little bit of blood most months around ovulation. I take it you have had unprotected sex? I'd wait a few more days and then test again if you still aren't on. I have gotten impatient so im sat in the doctors surgery now because I need to know where my period has gone!! I really do get impatient too. This week has been the longest EVER! Also threw up today so I've got some majour symptoms just no proof on the stick! Let us know how you get on :) x

hi bananarama hope you got good news from your doctor. ttc means trying to concieve. im only 24 had my first child when i was 21 and only learnt what it meant bout 2months ago lol....

Hehe thank you!! There's so many abbreviations I don't know them all, I am only 22 but don't know much lol! Well my doctor was USELESS! She told me what I already know. I have had negative results so I am 99% not pregnant but I have every symptom under the sun but nothing concrete. I asked if I could have a blood test and she said 1. They don't do them anymore to test for pregnancy? Is this correct? And 2.i need to wait another week or 2. It's so annoying!! I just know I am not right but no one believes me, my fiancé thinks I am mad and it's all in my head but I can't prove it :( I know I ovulated this month...I don't track it temp. Wise, but I always get egg white like discharge for about 2 days, 14/15 days into my cycle. I can't think what to do :( !! X

ah hun its so hard but really there is not much you can do but wait, i was so so so sure i was pregnant but low and behold i got my period today... i had the implant removed and was waiting for my period to cum and was having alot of pregnancy symptoms and as we are ttc i thought it was a done deal lol.... but in a away i am glad i have my period now so that i can track dates.... as far as i new they done blood tests but maybe every gp is diffrent. You need to really relax yourself and try to take your mind off it (hard i no) because if you are pregnant all the stress wont be good for you. test again in a week and see what that brings, fingers crossed for you. x

I am feeling like my period is coming as my lower back is killing me tonight... I just want to know either way - i'd love to be pregnant but tbh I am so fed up of no answers I'd very much welcome my period too lol! That's the 1st time ive ever said that! Im going to take your advice and chill some more, I'm less stressed than I was on Sunday/Monday which is good So now I am just going to take my mind off it and chill :) on the plus side I quit my god awful boring new job and I have an interview on Saturday for one that I'd LOVE so that would make me less stressed, thus encouraging me to finally have a period :D thank you for your support...this forums helped me get loads off my chest! It's also great to know I am not the only one with this issue! X

Hey ladies, I'm in the same situation! My periods 8 days late and I defiantly ovulated this cycle and made love during my fertile period. Thinking about it my last period was quite light, which is u usual for me. I have taken 5 tests in the last week and all have been negative! I had most the pregnacy symptoms... Feeling nauseous, fatigue, light headed, bad mood swings, weeing a lot more, my boobs feel fuller and nipples look a bit darker, the smells and the thought of some foods make me feel sick and I have a Loss of appetite. I went to the doctors this morning and she just said to wait another week and take a another test! I am 85% sure I'm pregnant .. I must be but what can I do with out a possitive test? So frustrating and me and my partner really want to know!

Hope you guys all get the result you wish for :)

Hi bananarama, I've been pregnant three times, and my doctor only ever tested a urine sample. Blood tests are more accurate, but they don't seem to be done unless it's looking like something is wrong during pregnancy.

And for all of you who are currently trying to conceive or waiting to confirm a possible pregnancy: I know it's really frustrating, but patience is the only thing that'll get you through the next week or two until you know for sure. Easier said than done though - I remember how many tests I needlessly took, and while home tests are convenient, I rather suspect that we're keeping an industry alive that the human race (and every other species!) has managed to do without until very recently!!

In the meantime, there are sites which contain great information on what vitamins you should be taking before and during pregnancy, what diet changes will be helpful and what foods / drinks to avoid. MMS87's doctor was spot on - folic acid is the critical one to be taking even if you're only trying to conceive - but definitely start taking it immediately if you think you are pregnant or have just confirmed you are pregnant. Folic acid supplements taken before and during pregnancy have greatly reduced the number of babies with neural tube defects (which can lead to conditions such as spina bifida).

Just a few links below that might be helpful:

Best of luck to all of you!!

R x

I am now 8 days late too... I share your frustrations!!! I was talking to the mother in law lastnight and she told me to relax and if I don't I will have her to deal with...which is enough to scare anyone :P my doctor told me to wait until Monday and if I am not on then I need to take another urine test and if it's a neg. then I should have a blood test once I am 2 weeks late. I am still getting symptoms; my most recent was swelling in my feet and legs today - never ever had this before! Got home from work and my feet were squishing over the top of my shoe edge and the strap was very imprinted lol! My fiancé and I had sex lastnight because I had hoped it would encourage me to come on as usually it does. I woke up today with pinky/browny discharge and it's been like it most of the day. Still got cramps in my lower back and womb area (it feels a little stronger than this past week but it may be because i am thinking its my period) and I now can't tell if I am therefore coming on or if my cervix is sensitive (pregnancy can make it sensitive and cause bleeding after sex) hence the blood. Confused dot com. !!! X

hi again>>> after being 8 days late for my period and feeling very much pregnant, i started bleeding yesturday eveing but it wasnt like a period ?? it was really heavy brown blood but seem to die down after 10 mins? have still been bleeading a fair bit over night but its still quite brown, could this be a late period, a chemical pregnancy or somthing that happens during pregnancy. i still had no possitive results but was sure i was pregnant however i dont really feel as pregnant today if that makes sence? my boobs are still differnt. would really like to know whats going on with my body now! really hope i am pregnant would love another little baby :) thanks guys xxx

I am bleeding too :( quite heavy today, really dark red and it's lessened slightly this afternoon. Had more cramps. I am confused too :( still feel sick and boobs are sore and I keep nodding off today. I am hoping this is just an after effect of having intercourse on Thursday eve. My financé's just as confused. Don't know if I should just wait and see what happens or see a doc incase something's really wrong :(.x

rmh2012 in reply to bananarama

If you're worried, go see your doctor. Better safe than sorry. R x

if your worried about it i would go and see a doctor, if it was me i wud if only for peace of mind but it will also get the ball rolling with blood tests to actually find out if you are pregnant... good luck tho i hope everything works out x

hi bananarama,may i just say after reading all the above i really really hope you are pregnant,i have just had my third daughter 4 weeks ago tomorrow and i was desperate for her that i would take a preg test literally everyother day to no avail,until one day after what i thought was actually a period[and only did it as it was spare and close to hand thinking well it cant do any harm!]i took another test a week after taking a test with yet another neg reading and it actually read possative,i couldnt believe it as i though id just had a period and a week earlier i was reading a neg result,but what happened was that if you are in the middle of fertilisation[when egg meets sperm]you will mostlikely get a neg result but when it is planted a week or so later it will be a poss result plus you may have a browny red discharge that you may mistake as a period which is what happened to me,i hope this may answer a concern or two for you and my fingers are tightly crossed,good luck,naiomi x

in the nicest way, you probably wanted to have the symptoms and therefore created them in your head. we all do it, many symptoms you are having won't happen that early, i had 3 miscarriages and when trying again, i could turn anything into a pregnancy symptom!

also with all the other stress you have had, it will have a massive effect on your cycle. what it does mean, is that maybe you and your partner should talk about what you want childwise, as it sounds like you have caught the baby bug. but you are young (and i had my first young so i'm not an old woman moaning lol) so enjoy life. have your wedding. and then worry about it sweetie. there is no rush. much love xxx

Hi all, I am currently going thought the same thing ( so stressful) I am now almost 7 days late and have tried many tests and have all been negative! I am never ever late, ive had lots of stress in previous years and have never been late, I have had symptoms all weeks such as discharge, nausea, sore boobs, lower back pain but all on and off! When my period was due I got the usual symptoms but they came and went!

I keep getting cramps on and off as well!

Any advice would be much appreciated


Hi ladies

I was pregnant earlier this year with twins but sadly miscarried at 11 weeks. When we were trying I was very impatient to find out if i had conceived or not. Unlike most women i ovulate very late in the month, around day 20-21, so when i "missed my period" it had only been 8 days since ovulation so i had to wait longer to find out. I tested negative the day after i was due, and again 2 days later. on the 4th day of lateness i tested again and a very very faint positive line appeared (or did it?) i wasn't sure if maybe i just wanted it so much i imagined the line. That night i woke up with period type pains and thought i was starting my period i was so disappointed, but as i walked to the bathroom i got a horrendous pain in my right hand side and collapsed on the floor. I was hot/cold sweaty, faint and felt so so sick. this passed after about 20 mins and i crawled back to bed. I saw the doc the next morning and he tested me - negative! I was so upset. I was convinced i was pregnant so on the way home i bought a clear blue digital test and guess what - positive! And that was probably my 7th wee of the day. I know clear blue tests are expensive but they really are the best ones out there x x

Hi I'm starting to get worried, my last period was 3/5/12 I've had all the symptoms, the doctor won't send me for blood tests, urine test came up negative! Help help!!!!!! Husband keeps saying I'm pregnant, he said he noticed I'm getting a little bump, I haven't had any signs of period coming......


I also am 5 Days Late But I Took 2 Pregnancy Tests & Both Came back Negative, I Took one Early & that was "First Response 6 days sooner" & another One last night just a Cheap one from dollar store . I Have been Expiring Morning Sickness but I do not have sore or Tender breast my Boyfriend & I are trying to Conceive but been having a Hard Time I had a Ruptured Cyst 3 months ago too so I'm not sure if it would affect My Chances since it hasn't been that long since I had it , I have been Keeping track My last period was On Sept 13 & I've went on 2 Sites too calculate when my period should arrive both said Oct 11 on a 28 day cycle .

Ttcp in reply to Hidden

I'm having your symptoms what happened

I also need clockwork on my period also every 28 period was late by 4 days and still showing a negative pregnancy result. The thing is my period was late and ended 2 weeks ago,but every morning I feel sick, have sore tender breasts and back ache. Can anyone advise me as to what is goungnon with me?

Hey , I'm on the same page as you , I never get a late period , I'm on no birth control , I'm 5 days late with my period , and my test are also negative ! I myself got mild cramps lastnight but it's gone again , lower back is abit sensitive , I'm getting that nausea feeling ,breast are sensitive aswell ? But my tests are negative , I myself don't know what to think or do 😒

Did you happen to be pregnant???

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