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Trying for a baby for 4 months, now I have had a period for half a day and nothing since, could i be pregnant??

My boyfriend and i have been trying for a baby for a 4 months now. I came off my contraceptive pill 4 months ago. For the last couple of weeks I have not felt myself. I am very tired and emotional. We took a pregnancy test last week before my period was due and it came back as negative. On Monday this week my period came for half a day, very light in colour and consistancy and since then it has gone. Is this normal?? Could I be pregnant??

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Pregnancy tests usually won't give a positive result if you test too early, as early testing depends on sufficient hormone build up. If you've only had a small bleed, depending on timing it could be implantation or small breakthrough bleed. (Or it could still be your period settling into it's own routine having come off the pill.)

If your normal period was due, then take another test or see your GP.

Best of luck!

R x


Yes you could be pregnant. Best to wait until you are due a period to take a test and if its the day your period is due it may still come back negative. Best to wait and take a test at 5 days late for an accurate reading. If it is positive then go see a doctor. Taking a test a week before your period is due will tell you nothing by the way, also dont rely on how you feel. Some symptoms women put on here as the "I knew I was pregnant cause..." are usually symptoms you dont get until much later in pregnancy. Week late and positive test will tell you everything you need to know. Good luck.


Thank you both for your advise. I am going to wait a few days and take another test x


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