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how can I explain the tiredness to my husband?!

my 'lovely' husband informed me this morning that I was probably making myself more tired than necessary because I come home from work and don't do anything. (yes except make dinner, go to the gym, do housework etc)

I tried to explain to him that pregnancy tiredness isn't like normal tiredness but he doesn't seem to understand.

it isn't like not sleeping well, or being physically exhausted from exercise or just not getting enough sleep, it's almost like someone has come along and drained my whole body of any energy I had and all I want to do is sleep.

can anyone help me to explain it to him? he's really annoying me with his 'helpful' suggestions on how to combat the tiredness - all of which seem to involve me doing more stuff!!

thank you!

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Pretty good article here (I'm sure there are loads more)

Best way I'd explain it is that you are making the important bits of the baby (spine, organs etc) at the same time as making the placenta (which won't be complete until end of 1st trimester. So, the baby is getting resources directly from you while you are also making the support system which will look after the baby later on.

Best if you check out lots of articles online, get as informed as possible, then try to explain it to him.

In the meantime, ignore any helpful suggestions, and rest, rest, rest!

Best of luck

R x


Sorry, try this link instead (shouldn't do this with sleeping child in lap!)


thanks! I sent the article to my husband and basically said seeeeee I'm not being lazy, I'm allowed to be tired! LOL

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Hee hee

There are loads more articles, but very few with explanation of said tiredness! So if he's still a skeptic, tell him a three minute google will set him right :)


Hi tigernoodles,

Glad you found something to show him that it's normal for you to be tired right now!

If you want more info to send your husband's way, check out our brand new Dads section on our website:

Lots of good articles that gives dads information on what is happening from the woman's perspective as well as from his.

Best wishes,

Alice x


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