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Why am I not getting pregnant?

I have been trying to get pregnant for about three months, without much success. I used to bleed in between periods, but the bleeding stopped as soon as I started trying to get pregnant. I have "pangs of pain" between the ovulation and my period. I am worried that fertilization may actually occur, but the embryo doesn't attach. Does anybody have any experience of this or any comments that may help?

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i tried for a year, had 3 miscarriages and then nothing happened for about 5 months. and i know it sucks to hear, and seems like the easy solution, but you have to stop trying s ard. the stress and pressure doesn't help at all. i ended up fed up and decided to take a break from trying, went out, got drunk, had a great night with my partner (TMI lol) and now i have a 3 month old. and i swear it was because i was relaxed and happy and having fun instead of watching calenders and reading every possible symptom.

anyhoo, hope this helps and like i said, just relax, it will happen. it just takes time xx


Hi! Those pangs of pain may be ovulation, I thought I was ovulating earlier than I am actually am. The pain may be the egg being big in size and ready to release from your ovary... So when the pain comes have sex! I have the same pains, went for a scan and the pains are the egg ready to start it journey.

Bottom line... Relax and it will happen (and listen to your body!)



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