Could I be pregnant?

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 6th July which was on my ovulation day,my period was due on the 19 th didn't come on,2 days later on the 21 st in the afternoon I had some bright red/pink light bleeding on and off I had this for 3-4 days,this couldnt be my period cause my period is normally heavy and really painful but this was different it was light and I only had a couple of cramps that was it,could I be pregnant ?


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  • Best thing to do is wait until your period was due. If you don't have a normal period, take a test or see your GP.

    If you test too early, even if you are pregnant, there probably won't be enough hormones to give a positive result. But most tests are accurate from the day your period was due (allow an extra week if you don't have regular periods).


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