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Headaches ???

I missed miscarried on 24th May, had my period FLP 1st july , been trying since I miscarried. Ovulated approx 8 days ago and today Ive started feeling really sick, slept when I came in from work yesterday. Im worried as Im an older mum and could it be that Im going through the change as its too early to take a test 3 weeks and 5 days.

ADDED 26.7.12

yesterday I started getting really bad headaches (approx 9 days after ovulation) Ive read this sometimes happens after O has anyone else experienced this???

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Also had terrible headache yesterday, more like a migraine, ok-ish headache the day before and today. No idea about ovulation, but I suspect it's partly the heat. I'm 10 weeks now. Have you done your test yet? I still had my period after conceiving. Try the test I would say. And get yourself Migraine Cool'n Sooth soft gel sheets, they work for me. the stick you rub on your forehead was no good. And make sure you drink loads and loads. Take care


I have polycystic ovaries and randomly did a test 2.5 months after my lmp. The test was positive so I thought I'd be 2 months but I went for a scan and I'm only 6 weeks, which means I was less than 4 weeks when I did the test, so it would be worth trying a test.


Not sure about headaches in connection with ovulation, but I definitely get headaches in association with pregnancy, particularly first trimester.

if the headaches persist, you should see your GP - if you are not pregnant, you'll need to work out what's causing persistent headaches.



I get headaches too,but the doctor said it's common. Try a test. I tested positive four days before my period was due. The second line was faint but definitely there. Good luck xx


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