Unsure what to think, late periods by approx 3 weeks and got mint taste in mouth


I could use some help please. For the last few weeks, I've been having a weird taste in my mouth, the only way I can describe it as if you have just used a mint mouthwash or toothpaste however it's there all the time.

I was pretty regular with my periods, I came off the pill last September so my body could get adjusted as my husband and I are looking to start an family, things were fine up till last month. Took my periods as usual then since then I had twinges in my stoumach approx 2 weeks earlier and around this time I started to have a weird taste in my mouth. I am now approx 3 weeks late. I have had unprotected sex within the last week, however I think I'm now starting my periods as there is blood but not the usual stoumach cramps that most women experience at this time of the month. I have been having lower back pain but I'm putting that down to the chair at my work. During this time I've also been feeling dizzy but nothing has come to this.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help

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Have you done a pregnancy test?


I done a pregnancy test a few weeks ago, came back negative. Havent done one recently tho

I think you may want to test again. It took me until a week after my periods were due before I had a positive result!


Thanks for replying to my question. I done a preg test this morning and it came bk negative. Still not fully taken periods.

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