Please can someone help? I have been experiencing a constant pain under my right breast that does not go with any pain relief. I am 28+4 days pregnant, I have seen my midwife, she did not know what it was, I saw my GP and he said it was muscular and pretty much said I need to deal with it, but it is so babd sometimes it takes my breath away. I have just phoned triage and they said it is not pregnancy related and I need to go back to my GP, but I just feel like I will end up wasting my time again.

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  • I'm sorry you're in such pain :( I assume your GP is best placed to diagnose it as muscle pain or not, so I wouldn't worry about it being anything dangerous, but of course muscle pain can be very severe and therefore very unpleasant. If you weren't pregant they'd have you popping ibuprofen like candy now, but of course that's not an option now. You could call your midwife and ask if it's OK to put a hot water bottle on your breast. Depending on how big your breasts are, some soothing heat might make it through to the muscle. However, heat and unborn babies don't mix, and I don't know whether your breast is far enough away from your bump for the use of a hot water bottle there to be safe, so definitely get an expert opinion first. Barring that there's always sitting very still and reading or watching TV to distract you (though no comedies, laughing is probably your enemy right now). Hope you feel better soon!

  • You can get muscular and ligament pain from your growing bump. This little baby pushes everything out of the way inside you to make room for your expanding uterus. If its not near your bump your midife is probably right that your baby is ok. Try having a warm bath or using a belly band/support which may help. If the pain is severe and does not get better seek a second opinion. It may be worth trying some gavison just to make sure its not heartburn?

  • Thanks for the reply, tried the gaviscon but that's no help so it must be muscular. I guess I wil have to put up with it now until the baby is born. Idiot does get worse I will go back to the doctors.

  • I get this pain too . .I actually used to get it before i fell pregnant too (bloody boobs!!). Even thought the pain is under the breast (dont know if its similar but mine feels like the muscle has been pulled and someones punched you in the ribs) its actually from the muscle being strained in your back, as all the muscles sweep down in one big curve from your shoulder. Unfortunately there is nothing the doctors can do - paracetemol and a hotwater bottle!! also ensure that your back is properly supported when your sat down. Hope it helps!!!

  • Thank you, it's a relief to hear from someone who is experiencing the same thing, I have been doing what you suggested and some days are better than others.

  • That sounds like trapped wind. Try peppermint tea. I lived on it my pregnancy.

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