could i be pregnant??

i keep getting lot of discharge for the past month or so i took a test before i came on my peroid and it came back negative i keep getting sore boobs and really bad stomach pains and back pains. me and my partner been trying for a baby for a couple of month s now and i dont want to get my hopes up if i aint pregnant just need to find out what it is really


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  • Have you come on your period? if not you could do another test? Sore boobs are a good sign of pregnancy but also for periods.

  • i came of last week but my boobs are still sore and keep getting loads of discharge and needed to go to the toliet more

  • I have been experiencing a lot of leg pain also.

  • does anyone ever get back to on here ???

  • If your period has started I doubt you're pregnant. If you are still worried do another test. But if that comes back negative then you'll know for sure you're not. When you're trying for a baby you read into everything little change in your body. The best thing to do is try not to think about it and only do a test when you've missed your period. Otherwise you'll send yourself bonkers constantly thinking about it. Good luck.

  • i know im at the docs tomoz so i will find out but me partner says my belly hard and my breasts of got bigger but i aint noticed i dont wanna get my hopes up if im not but we will soon seen

  • Some women experience a monthly break through bleed right through to the month they give birth. Don't loose hope. Good luck at the doctors, I hope you get the result you want. :)

  • If your period just started why go to the doctors cause of discharge?? Your belly will not get hard at that early of pregnancy if you was pregnant and your breasts dont get larger until a few weeks as well. Leg pain would happen you was about 6 months! Seriously women need to educate themselves about pregnancy before they even try to get pregnant and then go to the doctor once they confirm the pregnancy at home, which will happen if you are pregnant and have a LATE period.

  • Surely that's a little harsh, Babykins. My tummy is always bigger and firmer as soon as I've missed a period, and both this pregnancy and last I noticed subtle changes in my breasts very early (including a puffiness that could have been interpreted as 'bigger' - they certainly felt bigger very early, although I'm sure that it was due to their being more sensitive). Just because typical symptoms don't happen early in all cases, doesn't mean it never happens.

    And the one time I had misleading, early symptoms, it was due to hormonal imbalances due to coming off the pill.

    There are a multitude of things which can cause a tummy to be hard and/or excessive discharge (not all of them good!), and there can be many causes of leg pain. Such symptoms, particularly in the face of having had a recent period SHOULD be reported to a doctor.

    And I know many great mothers whose education about pregnancy only started after they discovered they were pregnant.

    Helz, hope it all went well for you at the doctor. In the meantime, there are great sites which contain lots of information on early pregnancy, including advice on getting pregnant. A few links below - I'm sure there are loads more.


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