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hi am 27weeks pregnant and suffer with depreshen and I want to give birth allready.. Is it right to feel this way at all??

hi am 27weeks pregnant and suffer with depreshen and I want to give birth allready.. I seem to have convinced myself am going to have the baby early and every slight pain or aomthing new to do with my body changing I think it's the baby it right to feel this way at all??

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Hi Loopylou,

Feeling a whole host of emotions - good and bad - during pregnancy is very normal and certainly OK. With so many changes going on in our bodies, our hormones heightened and our lives about to change, it is understandable that we can experience a lot of anxiety during pregnancy!

NCT has a lot of resources for you if you're struggling with these emotions, though, I recommend taking a look on the website here

If you're concerned that you're experiencing antenatal depression, you may want to speak with your GP or midwife who can get you the help you need to feel better. Have a look at symptoms and treatment options here and don't be afraid to get help if you need it.

Hope this helps!

Wishing you all the best,

Alice x


Hi Loopylou,

Definitely ask for help! You are not alone in suffering depression through pregnancy, and it can feel isolating if you try to work through it on your own.

Alice is right - online resources can help you with your emotions, and your GP or midwife will be perfectly placed to help you get back on track.

I got back on track quite quickly during my first pregnancy after talking talking it through with my husband and my midwife, and I have a friend who suffered (and survived!) quite severe antenatal depression. Whatever you are feeling, there are enough resources out there to get you through.

Best wishes

R x


Thanks for the advise I will have a look at the links in a min, I think most of it is because am still grieving for my nephew who sadly past away the other month.. I have asked to be refered to a specialist midwife today who deals with Depression,I just felt like the only one and did not know where to turn.


I'm so sorry for your loss.

Let me assure you that everyone struggles with emotions at some point during pregnancy. Add depression to the raging hormones, and it gets harder to deal with. Add grief on top of that ... well - you get the picture.

So glad you've asked for a referral - you would be some sort of miracle woman to get through this on your own!

Just remember that there's no 'right' way through this, and know that you're not alone.

R x


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