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am i pregnant again but still had a period?

i miscarried back in may and bled for 2 weeks then 3weeks ago i had my period and it was late but lasted for 2 weeks aswell... recently my boobs are sore and i keep urinating loads and feeling sick in the morning and getting really tired and stroppy. also keep getting stomach cramps. do you think i could be pregnant again?? also i keep gettin discharge aswell very confused!!!

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I dont have any personal experience with this but i read a thread with a similar question where 3 women had all replied that they fell pregnant very shortly after miscarriages.

good luck :) x


This has just happened to me, I miscarried and have not had a period since. I just did a test and it's positive. The dr thinks I'm 6 weeks. Seeing the midwife to try and get an early scan as I have no clue how far gone I am. Just know I am beyond tired and have awful headaches. Xx


Ps, I tried a digital clear blue test which gives an idea of how many weeks you are. X


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