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I have low level Urine Infection. Can the symtoms be dizziness and tiredness?

Hi, I'm 19 weeks pregnant. The first 3 months was very much like my other pregnancy. My son is now 14 months. Then i had the lovely wave of energy. About 4 weeks ago, i started to feel run down and feeling dizzy quite alot. I decided a week ago to ring the doctors. The doctor signed me off for a week for rest and asked me to come in for blood pressure checks. I decided to take a urine sample in as at my 16 week appointment i had 1+ protein in the sample. The midwife at the time said it was the pregnancy white discharge that had given me the 1+ protein. She said that it was all normal and if i had an infection there would be blood in my urine to. The sample that i took in last week gave the same result. The nurse said she would like to send the sample off. My bloods came back fine. The urine sample came back with a low level infection. I'm now on antibotics.

I have a few questions

Has anyone had a similar experience to me you could share?

Would dizziness and teirdness be a symtom of low level infection?

Do you think the midwife should have been more worried i had 1+ protein in my urine?

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I had dizziness and it was low iron. Get a blood test if I was you. They advised me to drink orange juice with my food so that the vitamins absorbed into my system better. Hope u feel better soon :)


Thanks Rachel. I had bloods done, all fine. Still having dizziness. Just think it's being pregnant! Didn't expect it later on.


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